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  1. Nothing that a little bit of gel couldn’t ‘cure’. You still look good though!
    Hope your mom is feeling better now.

  2. Oh, I’m sorry about your woozle. As soon as your Mom gets better, she’ll probably give your woozle a nice brushing. 🙂

  3. Hey Oskar! well looks to me…like…I’ve been there and done that and just this week went to you know where! Yep…the woozles all combed and sleek now. I made my grand entry and then back to playing!

    The groomer I go to…says it’s a COTTAGE…but hardly. Oh well…makes my owner feel a bit better taking me to the “cottage” than THAT other word.

    My mom-person has been really ill..but on the mend now. YEA!

    See ya soon!

  4. Oh… poor thing having a bad hair day.

    And you had to capture it for all of us to have a laugh at. Lucky us, poor dog.

    Makes me think of parents pulling out the old photos and embarrasing us with them 🙂

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