Oskar & The Devil Squirrel

Camera Critters

*Oskar’s note: My mom person wouldn’t make me a new post for today’s Camera Critters on account of she almost ate a spider that was in her breakfast, & now she feels “pukey”. Mom, I said, spiders are yummy. A little crunch on the outside with a soft creamy center. Then she made me go outside. I will never figure these people out!*

One rainy, muddy backyard


+ one devil squirrel


= one filthy tub


& one wet, disgruntled schnauzer!


Go to Camera Critters for more fun!



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  1. LMBO! You make me laugh so hard Oskar! I especially love the way you “improved” the picture of the squirrel! Did you do that? Or did your mom person do that?

  2. Hey Hey Oskar…Good JOB! Did you get that ol’ Devil! I chase ’em all the time. Glad my man owner is BIG on yard work and GREEN Grass…I can run mad all over…and well, I do bring in lots of leaves though. Whew..glad for vacuums! but I run from that…hate that loud sound..kinda like your storms!

    Good job o’ buddy!


  3. Oh, Oskar – we totally understand the obsession with the "devil squirrel" – we have those pesky kritters here too & we take our jobs as Head of Security very seriously!
    It's full time work keeping them off our property!

    (((hugs))) your friends, "Oskar", Schatzi & Xena

  4. Oh Oskar…that bath look terrifying!!! I have never had, nor never will have one of those!! Let me know when that devil squirrel shows up again and I’ll help you catch him:)

  5. Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha Pooor Oskar! But it was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it??? Did you teach that squirrel a thing or two?

  6. I have a fit of the giggles! I don’t know…who is the devil? The squirrel or the bather?

    Thanks for stopping by.. I love your blog. If you don’t mind, I may follow u.

  7. Hi Oskar
    We hope you had fun with that squirrel. We have to endure daily baths or rinses until our backyard dries up. We can’t wait for warmer weather.

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