2 Awards From My 2 Favorite Schnauzer Pups!

JD & Max from Schnauzer & Schnauzer are my 2 very favority bloggy pups. They’ve taught me all sorts of things about Elevenses & carrots & having tails. It’s a good thing they live across the pond or we could be a real force to be reckoned with if we all got together.

They’ve given me two very wonderful awards. First was the Honest Scrap award:

honest scrap Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought I had received this because I only have a scrap of a tail. (My nubbin.) But no, I ugess they just wanted to know a little more about me. I have to tell you 10 honest things about myself.

1. I’m excessively handsome.

2. I’m very brave.

3. My tail was docked when on the day I was born. My mom person wished they didn’t do that, but I don’t remember any pain.

4. Blogging has been super fun cause I have friends all over the world, but they don’t come here & take my food & toys.

5. I may be slightly selfish.

6. There are 2 cats here that my mom person calls “my sisters”.

7. My mom person lies

8. When my hair gets long I get little curls on top of my head that my mom person can’t resist.

9. I’m very good at landscaping.

10. I’m very vocal, I voice my opinion about anything & everything.

Now I’m supposed to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers who I want to know more about.

1. Bruce at Bruce’s Paws. The only cat I know that I admit to associate with.

2. Gus at This Is The Day. It’s his mom person’s blog, but I’d like to know more about Gus.

3. Oskar, Schatzi & Xena from Luv My Dachshunds. Their really cool with their German names. One of them has the best name ever!

4. Eric from A Square Dogs Blog. He’s another Brit & looks like Asta from Thin Man movies.

5. Miss Kitty Von Purr Purr from Good Mourning Glory. Her mom person is a super good friend & I want to learn more about Miss Kitty.

6. Delila from Delila’s Place. She’s a cute Boston Terrier who fights against puppy mills & animal abuse.

7. Carolina from Brinkbeest In English. She’s got horses, dogs, cats & even pigs! I want to know more about all of them.

The second award that I received from JD & Max is the Pawsome Award.


This award is presented to those dog bloggers out there who know the meaning of GREATNESS. Their blogs are consistently interesting, funny, or informative. Their KINDNESS is extended to others without expectation of it’s return, and their FRIENDSHIP inspires others to do EXTRAORDINARY things. These are the blogs you can’t wait to read everyday. In short, they are AWE-INSPIRING, full of wonder, and simply PAWsome!

See I told you JD & Max were Aces!

To accept this award you must paw it forward to 4 others who you feel exemplify a “Paw”some Blog, and leave a note saying why you think they deserve the Pawsome Award!

1. Hamish & his baby sister Yuna. Hamish could have had his nose out of joint with the arrival of little Yuna, but I can already tell he’s gonna be a great big brother. Plus he likes hangers & that’s just weird.

2. Carolina from Brinkbeest In English. She has 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 horses (one is a baby), 2 pigs & some chickens. Her life is devoted to her animals & I want to hear more about those piggies!

3. Bertie & Oliver at 2 Schnauzers, 1 Blog. They’re very wise & funny. They make me laugh when I go to their blog. Plus they get special chocolate dog treats.

Since I’m a rule breaker, I also pass it to Bruce the Cat. He’s not a dog, but he’s really cool and he looks great in yellow!

Thanks again to JD & Max for all the schnauzer love!



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  1. Hi Oskar! Concgratulations for the awards! YOu certainly deserved them! I loved getting to know ten more things about you. All my love to you! Hugz!

  2. Hello again Oskar…I don’t know what is wrong with my manners. Earlier I forgot to tell you CONGRATULATIONS for receiving these 2 wonderful awards!!! Way to go my doggie friend!
    Love ya,

  3. Aw shucks Oskar, thanks for your nice comments! You’re right – the three of us, if we joined forces, could quite possibly take over the world – mwahahahhahahah…..er, ahem…!!! Love your honest scrap – number 5 is obviously a lie that your mom type person has told you though – don’t you believe a word of it, he he he! Tail wags – JD and Max.

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