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  1. Did you pack his bag for him Oskar? Just being helpful like, nothing to do with speeding up his exit or anything….he he he! Go on, admit it – you’ll miss him a little bit when he’s gone, won’t you?! Tail wags – JD and Max.

  2. Oh Oskar, we can tell you are just devastated by his leaving, right? *snort*

    We thinks you might miss him just a teensey, weensey ittle bit?

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. Oskar you are very helpful! Yes those birds of mine had very sharp beaks! Be careful! But they liked your visit anyway.

  4. You’re the cuttiest dog ever Oskar!!! You would like it a lot, I guess! What do you generally have as a treat?! You’re so sweet! And please thank your owner for coming by and leaving such a nice comment!
    Take care, dear!

  5. I liked you guys so much that I’ll follow you around. Don’t tell the other guys, Oskar, but I like you best! Let’s keep it a secret, ok?
    Love from Brazil.

  6. So cute. So sad, we can’t have dogs and any other furry pets anymore. Thanks for dropping by the way. I enjoy reading the captions lol.

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