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My Mom Person

Oskar’s Mom Person Here

Well I apparently didn’t get enough blogging stories the first time so I went back into the hospital on Saturday night. It seems I only get sick after 9:00 p.m.

They kept me 4 nights for pancreatitis and I’m home finally. I’m fine and just have to follow some rules to remain fine. For all of you who know how well I follow rules, prayers will be accepted!

I’m glad to be back to my computer & will be coming to visit all of you as I can, with little Oskar by my side.


Camera Critters

Camera Critters

My mom person wasn’t feeling well and spent Thursday night at a hospital. The Dr’s didn’t figure out what was wrong with her, but she is feeling better now. She slept most of yesterday, and I slept right at her feet all day to make sure she was all right. She snored as loud as ever, so I think she’s fine!

Since we don’t have any new pictures of me, we found a funny video from Cute Overload that we hope you haven’t seen yet for our Camera Critter entry.

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Pet Pride

Last weekend I helped my dad person clean up the yard for fall. If you missed it you can check it out here.

Well some of the landscaping was just done WRONG! Several of my nicely tended holes that I have worked on all spring and summer were filled in! I brought my tennis ball with me to help fix things here.

This needs to be just right.

Dirt way flying at lightning speed!

Hmm, this looks like a fine spot for a new hole!

This one is under the shed. Chipmunks live here & I know that one day I will dig deep enough to get them!

Notice how my people put bricks where I like to dig to try and deter me? Nothing stops an Oskar from doing his yardwork!

Feeling quite proud of myself, my tennis ball & I decide to relax for a minute.

Now I’m back in my corner, surveying the property. Doesn’t it looks great with all that dirt under me instead of just grass?

Everyone can do grass in their yard, but my people have me to highlight their landscape with beautiful holes. They often get so exicted they shout at me while I’m fixing things for them.

I’m very proud of my work, so I decided I would showcase if for you in this weeks Pet Pride. Click for more Pet Pride.


Me & My Teddy

My blogging friend the beautiful Sally Ann & her big brother Mack at Big Bubba Blogger and Bothersome Baby Blogger are having a contest where you send picture of you with your teddy bear.

I don’t have any teddy bears anymore since I ate out all of the stuffin’s and had to go to V-E-T to get the stuffin’s removed. So I took a picture with my mom person’s bear Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear is very, very old. As old as my mom person. I didn’t really like sitting with him because he smelled badly!

You can see that this picture was taken before my horrible haircut!

Jump over to Mack & Sally Ann’s blog to vote or enter for yourself!


Post Traumatic Woozle Trauma

Camera Critters
Friends, I can barely hold my head up. My once magnificent woozle has now been chopped to bits. Woozle is the ‘official’ name for a schnauzer beard.
My mom person keeps calling me the chinless wonder. She spent a long time on the phone yesterday with the groomer saying angry words at them. I’m glad she stood up to them, I loved my woozle. Now I am left with but half a woozle.
I fear that the lovely ladies Sally Ann and Sasha will no longer find me exceedingly handsome, but instead a hideous creature with a mis-shapen woozle.
Woe is me.
I will be spending my day hiding from mirrors, resting from the shock and trying really hard to squeeze my woozle to grow.
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I’m Ridiculous

My friend Brutus the Frenchie is running a That’s Ridiculous contest, so we want to jump right in and enter this cool contest, too!

Now in all honesty, I don’t see what my people do for me that is ridiculous, but they picked this for my entry. We are a camping family. When we go camping my people would try to get me to sit on the ground around the campfire. Now I ask you, why should I have to sit on the ground when everyone else has a chair?

To rectify the situation they bought me a chair with no arms, cause the arms get tangled up in the line I have to be connected to when I am camping. Also you can see the blanket on the back of the chair. Sometimes the campfire is not enough to keep me warm, so I need the blanket in case I get too cold. And if you look closely I’m sitting on a towel on my chair. What can I say, a nylon chair is not conducive to my hiney-end being comfortable. They may choose to rough it, but I still need my comfort.

Now all of you hop on over to the Brutus the Frenchie blog and tell us what your people do for you that is ridiculous!


Dory’s Smiley-Fest 2009

Dory from Dory’s Backyard is having a contest, Dory’s Smileyfest 2009. I think this is so much fun I told my mom person that I had to enter!

Here’s is me giving my best smile in a smart bandana (shout out to Norwood!) I’m smiling becaue I just got back from the groomer. I don’t like going there, but I love how handsome I am when I come home!

All the cool bloggers are doing it, so hope on over to Dory’s and check it out! Tell ’em Oskar sent ya!

PS – my mom person says sorry we haven’t been around to visit you all lately. She is doing something called college that is interfering with Oskar time. Higher learning is one thing, but when it interferes with my blogging buddies, a schnauzer needs to draw the line!