Monthly Archives: December 2009

My mom-person’s back in that big place with all the sick people. I ask that my my four legged friends cross their paws and that all their people pray that they may FINALLY figure out why she feels so crummy!

Amazing Pressies!

And they just kept on coming!

My bestest doggie friends JD & Max and their people Clare & Neil have been so generous I can’t even begin to thank them.

Here’s my first package. Hmm, it smells like England!

After a little help opening it, I found this

My mom person explained that it’s called an Advent Calender.

There is a little box for each day of December leading up to Christmas & in each box is a treat!

A very tasty type of treat I might add!

Those British have very sophisticated tastes!

Then I got another package!! This one had a Christmas card.

We couldn’t believe it when we saw what they sent. Now JD & Max’s people were in Luxor, Egypt. While they were there they had a bandana made for me with my name written on it, in heiroglyphics!

Those symbols say Oskar!

Even though I’m very proud of my new bandana, I just had to BATH so I did’t want to sit still, but I must say I look quite dapper!

I think this makes a great super-hero look, don’t you?

That’s it for today, but I haven’t even gotten to the biggest, best and most awaited package yet. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Thank you my friends, your generosity is so wonderful and kind!

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I Have Missed You!

I have missed you all so much, have you missed me?

We had a hard time here. My monnie (human grandma) got breast cancer & my mom person was in and out of the hospital for almost a month!

The amazing news we got today is that after an operation called a mastectomy, my monnie is totally cancer free! The best Christmas present ever!

My mom person has some weird tummy problem. You can read about it here and here.

I have been busy taking care of my mom person.

I make sure she is cozy and then lay with her to make sure she stays warm enough.

If anyone tries to disturb her sleep, I give them the Oskar “evil eye”!

I have so many things to get caught up on. Mainly a TON of pressies that came all at once from my best friends JD & Max. I’m going to get those pictures posted for tomorrow.

Friends, snuggle your people extra good. Sometimes they get sick and we need to show them extra much how much we love them!