I’m Still Here!

Wow, I’ve been gone a long time. My mom person was in the hospital again, 9 days this time. That’s a very long time in dog years!

When she’s in the hospital she takes this book that our friends JD & Max & their female human Clare sent. She uses it to track her medicines & to remember me & all of our bloggy friends.


While she was gone I was kind of lost. I’m not used to being here without her & I don’t care for it one bit!

I tried chewing on a toy.


My heart just wasn’t in it.


I did a partial tail-ectomy, but didn’t finish it. Totally unlike me!


I even hung out with Chloe waiting for her to come home.


Don’t tell anyone.


I’m so relieved that she’s home now & things can go back to normal.


I made her promise to spend part of the afternoon going around to see all of you!

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  1. Hi Oskar,

    Oh, we're SO glad your mom person is home! We've really been missing you but you must make sure your mom takes care of herself and doesn't overdo it with the computer thingy.

    Gosh, only a partial tail-ectomy eh? You really WERE missing her weren't you? And to wait with Chloe – wow, you were one lost pup, it made us sad to see this! But hey, you DO have a great view out of your window! 🙂

    Please give your mom a great big schnauzer snuggle from us and tell her not to go away again – so there!! Our FH is trying to explain to us that it's not quite as easy as that but we can't see why not…!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. hi oskar~! so happy to read that your mummy is back home–you were very tuff staying home w/out your mum. i know i would be super depressed w/ out my mum.


  3. Yay! I'm glad your mom is home. That's an awfully long time for her to be gone and I bets she sure did miss you lots!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. I wish you the best, Oskar's family. I was sad to read about your mom's recent trouble. I'm relieved to see/understand, she is loved and cared for. As for you and your depression, I think the himalayan dog chews might actually do you some good although, the partial tail-ectomy got me worried.
    Stay healthy and happy 🙂

  5. Well hellllooooooo Oskar! We're so glad you're back and your household is getting back on schedule. We don't like a break in routine either…….not finishing off that tail is a worry. Hope you can get back to it now and finish the job.

    Great surveillance window…BUT with a cat?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Oh, Oskar, we are so sorry that your mom has been in the hospital for 9 days and we can just imagine how lonely you must be without her. I hope she gets well soon!

  7. I am so glads to hear dats your momma is home with you again!

    Give her lots of good snuggles and kisses…..and now maybes you will feel likes taking the rest of that tail off da stuffie!!! BOL


  8. We are so happy to hear that your mom is home, Oscar!
    Guess what? Tim lives in Shipshewana and that's the town that dad was in!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. I'm so happy to hear that your mum is home! I hope she doesn't have to go back again.
    I'm sorry to hear you were lost. I feel lost when Sarah leaves me for ONE night. NINE days must have been unimaginable.

  10. Hi Oskar,
    I'm so happy your Mum is home now and I can see how happy you are too !
    We send all of our love and prayers for your Mum to heal and feel better really soon; look after her and make sure she gets plenty of rest !
    Love from Bella and family.

  11. Hi Oskar, I'm so glad your mom is feeling better! I love how you sit on the back of the couch, I do the same thing! If you check out my bloggie today, you will see that I have given you an awardie!

    Barks & Wiggles,

  12. Oh Oskar, I am soooo glad that your mom is better. Thingys just aren't the same without the MOM in the house, are they.
    I missed you.

  13. Yippee Yipeee mom is home mom is home! Can you see I'm doing the happy dance too! That's so cool JD and Max sent you/mom that book. They are the most thoughtful doggies bloggies around
    PS- I won't tell.

  14. Oskar, we are so glad that your Mom Person is back. We can understand how you miss her. Hope she's getting much better now and that you can have her to play with and to cuddle.

  15. Hi, Oskar!
    I am happy to know your Mom is back at home!
    I understand how you felt with her at the hospital!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Dear Oskar,
    So nice that mommy person is back home, I'm sending to her love and good energies.
    You are so adorable, I love all pictures.
    Take good care of mommy okay!
    We love Luna

  17. Hi Oskar

    We're glad your mom person is back – now will get have your mojo back and really get into those tailectomies!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Rupert

  18. oskar,
    i'm so so so glad your mama is home from the hospital!! i know she missed you tons 'n tons. ya'll relax and snuggle, and will you pretty please pass on some gooey nose kisses from me? 🙂
    the booker man

  19. Now just make sure mom stays home and doesn't get sick again. Your poor little heart can't stand it. Plus it looks kind of boring without her.


  20. SO HAPPY to SEE you (me…hee hee) back in blogland..and your MOM home! YIPPPEEE

    ps. My mom wants her to send a comment with her address so we can send her a DESIGNER GUS bag..to cheer her up!

    Paws Up! and snuggles to your mom!
    GUS and HIS momperson

  21. Hi Oskar – I'm SO SO sorry it's taken me SO long to come and visit you!! Please forgive me. I've been thinking about you and especially about your Mom Person, though – I have been reading your posts so I knew she was back home – so glad to hear that!

    Anyway, am going to catch up on your other posts now!

    Honey the Great Dane

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