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Since my mom person has been busy doing lame important things, she has not been photographing me as she should.

I thought Sharing some pictures of Baby Oskar, might be fun.  Who doesn’t love puppy pictures, right?

My birth mommy, Shelly, was an all white schnauzer who had 8 solid black puppies.  She was a very good mom.  Don’t we look funny with our white mommy?  (My daddy was all black, but I never met him.)

Here I am at 1 week old.  If you look very closely you can see I was born with a tiny white beard.  It went away very quickly.

Here I am at two weeks with my eyes open.  I didn’t understan the significance that the flashy box would have in my life, so I was a little timid.

This was our first real meal.  We wanted as much as possible, so we had to climb right in & get our fair share.

I’m the biggest one sitting right on the plate.  I was the first one born, so I was responsible to help take care of all of the other pups.  I was very responsible from an early age.  Here I am letting one of the older dogs, Madison know that we would like to learn schnauzer things from her.  She was very kind with us.

I’ll leave you of one more of me checking out grass for the first time.  Everything seemed very big to me!

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  1. Love your white Mommy with all you black pups, that's so cute. Oh, we miss puppy days around here.

    Following from the blog hop. come visit us;

  2. Hi Oskar! Now I am certain you are very handsome from the start!!! You are soooo lucky that your hooman mom had these great pictures of you! I enjoy looking at all my furiends pupper pics! I must say that although your mom is out doing really important stuff, you did a great job at posting today!!!!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

  3. We love seeing all of your baby pictures. You were soooo cute. No wonder you've become such a handsome fellow.

    XXXOOO Diasy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Hey! That is the beauty of having totally a gajillion photos of yourself, right? You can run old pics and it is new to your readers (like me). Besides, who doesn't want to look at adorable puppies (from a distance).


  5. Oskar! What cute pikturs! Did I count right?? Eight puppies!?! That is a big family your momma had! And funny dat everyone turned out black…


  6. Hi Oskar,

    Oh gosh, our eardrums are now ringing – the level of 'squeee' that came from FH was SHRILL to say the least!! But then, us schnauzers are SO adorable it's only expected!

    Good to see you were such a great 'big brother' for all your siblings. And we see you've taken that task over with your family, ensuring you look after them all – you are such a good pup, no wonder you're our role-model.

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

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