Securing The Perimeter

Now all of us dogs know that site protection is one of our most important duties.  Once we almost had a Taco Bell bag breach the perimeter!  Guess who saved the day then, huh?

This is what my mom person sees most of the day.

Sometimes it’s important to change positions.  Security detail is not for the weak.

I hope the cats are doing their part & patrolling the interior.

Chloe “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
Moe “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

*SIGH*  A schnauzer’s work is never done!




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  1. Oh bravo, BRAVO Oskar! Max is especially impresed – he doesn't think that JD takes security detail anywhere near seriously enough! He applauds your constant vigilence!!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. Wow, we didn't even think about the outside needing to be secured. We do the inside – well, ok, maybe we nap too, but the outside is just all open! It looks like you were doing a great job out there Oskar!

  3. wow, oskar, how scary that a TACO BELL baggie almost snuck into your backyard! the nerve!! i'm glad you showed that baggie who was boss, and you totally are doing a grrreat job keeping everythingie secure in your pictures here. your mama must feel most safe like with you around. looks like the kitties need a little training, though. teehee.

    the booker man

  4. hello there Oskar 🙂 thanks for dropping over our side… and i sure thinks you are excessively handsome too! Good work with securing the perimeter and keeping your home safe!

    woofs & licks,

  5. Oskar, we must protest! We keep an eye on our house and it's environs 24/7…no naps. Of course, there's 12 of us to split up the duty roster…

  6. I patrol too, but only when the weather is really warm. when it gets cold, I don't feel the need to guard anything than my heating pad.
    I did get your email silly. You are good, of course! 🙂

    PS: It was indeed excessively handsome

  7. Dear Oskar,
    you are such a fabulous patrol there, always alert!Wonderful job sweet friend!
    purrs and love
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  8. Good job Oskar! Security works indeed hard to maintain but sometimes its fun because for me, I'm allow to bark if there's so much noise outside the room and disturbing us.

    btw, do drop by to our page when u free as we had pawsome holiday to share ^_^

    Autumn & Jasmine

  9. Wow…no Taco Bell bag is EVER gonna get past you. And yes, I very much know what you mean abouts kittehs not being very good about patrol duties. Tsk, tsk.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Hi Oskar – looks like you're taking your duties seriously! My human says she's read that Schnauzers are one of the best guard doggies ever!

    Hey – when you';ve got a moment, you've gotta pop over to my blog and see my latest post which is about all the doggies my humans saw in Taipei – and they saw so many Schnauzers! But gosh, you do have some very cool & stylish Chinese cousins! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

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