We Did It!

We are so excited over here at Casa de Oskar about our newest venture.  We’d like to introduce Pet Blogs United!


http://www.petblogsunited.com/ is a place for all pet bloggers to meet up, make friends, and especially support each other through comments. 

PBU went live less than 24 hours ago, so we know we will have some growing pains, but we would love for all of our furriends to be right there with us.

At Pet Blogs United you can be our Featured Blogger of the week, our Photo Of The Day can show off your beauty or handsomness, your super-best action sequences can be on our Your Movies page.

We also have an area to feature Blogging Events like G.A.B.E. & the Auctions for Shelby.

You can contact my mom person, Pam & me, Oskar, at any time at our PBU e-mail about any of the things mentioned above or any of ideas you might have.

We truly want PBU to be a site for pet bloggers and blogs about animals to connect with a wider audience and support each other by commenting on other members sites. 

When you follow Pet Blogs United through Google Friend Connect, we will add you to our Blogroll, and that’s all there is to joining.  No fees or costs, ever!

We have made the most amazing friends here at The Daily Oskar & I’m not going anywhere, we just want to be able to showcase all of you in one spot.  We would be honored if you would hop over to PBU, look around, leave a comment, & pop us an e-mail with how we can feature you and your blog!

As for me, I’m gonna sit right here & watch for all my friends to come by!

Photobucket and his mom person, Pam


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  1. Oskar we love this idea – sure there is the cat blogosphere and dogs with blogs, but we love that this will bring both groups together!! We already went and joined – it is just a great idea!! Thanks so much to you and your mom for coming up with it!

  2. That is furry admirable and ambitious of you and your Mom, Oskar! I'm going to go over and have a lookie now to see what magic you have created!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  3. From the mom – I have checked it out a bit altho my time here at work is limited – I really liked what I saw. As soon as get our Internet bak (at least 9/20/10), the Beaglebratz will be over so we can all join up. And yes, I bet some squirrels were behind us loosing our internet and they cleverly used bad weather as camoflage.

  4. Wow, Oskar! WOW! WOW! WOW! This is Most Amazing! Thank you to you and your mom for working so hard and putting this together. We're going over to check it out now!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Thanks for all your efforts involved in putting this new blog together Oskar & Pam. So many are going to benefit from it!
    love you,
    Bruce the cat:)

  6. Hey Oscar! What a cool bloggy you have! Thanks for stopping by mine. Your new blog sounds exciterating – we're headed there right now!


  7. Hi Oskar,

    We're SO proud of you! We're sorry we haven't been pawticipating much – FH is crazy busy at work and sadly can't commit the time to it that she'd like to – sigh….! But doesn't look like you're floudering without us, he he he! PBU is wonderful and we think it's going to go from strength to strength!!

    Schnauzer snuggles – DJ and Max.

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