Monthly Archives: January 2011

I Found My Better Half!

Norwood is having a Mango Minster side contest for us to find our better half.  Here’s what Nordude has to say, “Find an opposite gender on Petfinder or anywhere but who looks just like woo. Do a blog post of it and send me an email to let me know. norwoodunleashed AT”

Here’s me:

Now look at what a good match I found.  Meet Cake!

Cake is a 2 year old mother of two (Gunner and Hunter). She’s got lots of energy to care for those pups and she loves to play with her foster brothers and sisters. She’ll be with her pups for a few more weeks and once she has recovered, she will be spayed before she leaves rescue. She would love a home with another young dog to play with. If you have time for Momma Cake, and can take her through group dog obedience classes, you must first apply, then please contact and go to for more information. To complete an application go to the Adoption Application.

My mom person says that she is really sad that we can’t adopt Cake right now, but maybe there will be a rescue dog in our future.

Stop by Norwood’s to enter this cool contest!


Just Rude

Hello.  My name is Oskar Wilhelm Hoerauf & I smell like butt.  That’s what my mom person told me!

I think she’s being quite rude & am personally a little sick of the flowery, vanilla, whatever, that she always smells of.

I am now ignoring her.  That should teach her a valuable lesson about rudeness.

I am also actively hoping that she’s too tired to give me have a bath.  Baby it’s cold outside & Oskie needs to keep his stink on!


Winter Activities

I have bloggy friends who have pawsome winter adventures.  They snowshoe, or hike to frozen waterfalls.  The chances of my mom person doing that with me?

Sorry, I just had to laugh.  She is not a winter person.  This is what I do on very cold winter days.

Enjoy your hikes, I’ll meet you all out there in the spring!



My mom person says she doesn’t have anything to say (her brain is often empty).

Who cares?  What about me, I’ve got plenty to say.  Since she’s the typist I’m at her mercy.  So now, what does she do, just to tick me off?  This!

Moe & Chloe

Apparently if my attitude doesn’t improve, the cats will get more blog time.  I hate it when she plays the “I’m the boss here” card!



Real men, like my dad person & me don’t let a bunch of snow stand in the way of grilling!

I’ll let him grab the charcoal, while I get my octopus.  Octopus is an excellent helper.

All right, let’s do this thing!!

BBQ chicken wings for everybody!  What do you mean no wings for me??