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Paws Of Love Cookbook

With all of the fundraising that is going on we thought we might make a cookbook of pet recipes.  We’d like to collect recipes from all of our freinds, and then we would put it together on a disk for us to sell when anipals and other things like the New Zealand earthquake need fundraising.

Would you be interested in submitting a recipe for the cookbook?  It could be pet recipes mostly, with maybe a few people recipes thrown in to make them happy.

Has anyone had an experience creating cookbooks online to save to disk.  We’d love to know about a software to make this work.

We’re just in the thinking stages right now, but let us know in a comment if you’d be interested in submitting a recipe for this project, or have any ideas for us.


The Academy Awards

* Re-post from last year:

Oskar’s mom person here.

Once again this year, Oskar is waiting for them to show his picture on the Oscar awards broadcast.

He took a voluntary bath with real soap today,

did some crazy zoomies to work off his nervous energy,

and put on his fancy tie. (A gift from his best friends, JD & Max)

If you wouldn’t mind, could you just leave him a little note congratulating him on his achievements? I don’t want a repeat of last year. He got so depressed when he realized that all of those people on TV are not actually there to celebrate him. Thank you.

Photobucket (And Oskar’s Mom Person)

Dear Bella,

Beautiful Bella

I wrote a post about how I fancied a special girl yesterday, and Bella, you are the apple of my eye.

I would like to ask you sincerely if you would honor me with a date.  I assure you that I am a perfect gentleman and I will show you a very fun time.

I know you live in Australia, and I live in the US, but with the power of the interwebs I could transport you here for an evening of fun.

I’m sure your people and your sisters have to approve, but I hope you’ve all known me long enough to know that my intentions are good.

Bella, you have captured my heart with your beautiful face, your lovely demeanor, and your ability to hide toys that take forever to find, so will you do me the honor of going out on a date with me?

My heart is on my sleeve,

***She said yes!  Here’s her comment:

Oh yes, Oskar!!! I’d love to… honoured and all of that…

Ooooooo, must get my hair done…

XXXOOO Bella (and the other two)

Now I have to show her the best time ever!

So There’s This Girl…

A beautiful girl doggie has stolen my heart & I’d like to ask her on a date.  She lives far, far away, but I know that with the power of the interwebs we could have a wonderful day or evening together.

I’ve never heard her mention a boyfriend…

What if I ask and she says no?!  I’d be humiliated in front of all of Blogville!

I feel happy & sick all at the same time, is that normal?

Could she possibly resist this pitiful, yet excessively handsome face?

Guys, how do you do it? How do you get up the nerves to ask out a pretty girl doggie?


Nature’s Variety Free Sample Coupon

As you may know Oskar & I recently went on a search for the best quality dog food for Oskar.  I’m glad to tell you that we found what we believe to be the best possible food for him, Natures Variety.

After trying out many samples from manufacturers of high quality dog foods Oskar made his choice clear!  We’ve even accepted a sponsorship from Nature’s Variety to attend Blog Paws!

Nature’s Variety want’s you to see what all of the talk is about by letting you try a free Trial size bag (.75 lb) bag of either Instinct Raw Chicken or Instinct Raw Beef Medallions, with a $5 in-store purchase.  If you’ve ever thought about raw food for your pet, here’s a great opportunity to try Nature’s Variety raw for FREE!

Click here for the coupon.

Go to the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw product page to find out more about this fantastic product, and stay tuned to Pet Blogs United for more great information on Nature’s Variety!


Helping My Boy John

Today I spent some time helping my boy John on the computer.

Unfortunately he was too busy texting to pay attention.  Hey?  Maybe he could teach me to text!

*Note from Oskar’s mom person:  The furniture in this picture is not indicative of the furniture in the rest of our house.  My teenage boys have made their computer corner look like a frat house!

Walkies For Me!

Since we had nice weather today, 50 degrees, I got to go for a walkie.  This is a big deal for me, cause my mom person has a kind of sickness that makes it hard for her to leave the house, so I was very excited.

Look at my perfect form peeing on our mailboxes!

Of course my mom person needs me to lead the way.

There’s a ton of good pee-mail on this rock.

I try to hit as many mail boxes as possible.

There was a yummy sandwich on the side of the road & I was not allowed to eat it, no fair!

See how the snow is all ugly and dirty.  When it’s like this it’s called “snirt”.

I don’t like getting wet, but I’ll walk through big puddles to get to the best smells.

Hey look, it’s my yard!

My mom person had me walk through the deeper snow to get my paws clean before we went in.  You can see this snow is still up to my belly!

The weather is supposed to go back to being freezing and snowy this weekend, so I was thankful to have this special time with my mom person today.