Monthly Archives: March 2011

Time To Get Cookin!

Hi guys!

We are currently working with the Crossed Paws group on a series of cookbooks on disc to be an ongoing fundraiser for pets in need.

We are asking for all of your help.  We are looking for pet recipes, but are also expanding the series to include a soups disc and a casserole disc, so we need your help.  Please send your pet recipes, soup recipes & casserole recipes to PBU at comcast dot net.  Feel free to send more than one.  If you send a recipe, please include a picture of your pet, the finished product, if you can, and your blog address.  All recipes that appear in the cookbook will have a link to your blog included.

We really want to get the word out about this, so mention it to your friends, Tweet it or even post about it on your own blog, but whatever you do, send us those recipes!


My Amazing Date With Bella!

Asta, friend to all bloggers, generously offered to host our date in her hometown of New York City, so I could wow the beautiful Bella from Australia.

Asta planned a whole whirlwind trip to New York, starting with a traditional carriage ride.

We stopped for a drink in Central Park, and the conversation was sparkling.  Bella’s accent is beyond charming and she had so many interesting stories to tell about her sisters, and how she loves to hide her toys.  I was fascinated just listening to her speak.

We meandered from the park and took in the view from one of New York City’s famous observation decks.  The view coudnl’t hold a candle to my date!

Bella looked stunning for our dinner and show at Radio City Music Hall.  Those Rockettes don’t have anything on my Bella, though.

After the show Bella kicked off her heels and we danced until dawn at a spectacular rooftop party.

Sadly, my dear Bella had to run to catch her place back to Oz, but I had a night that I will never forget.  Thank you Bella for making me the happiest dog alive!

*We have to give a huge thank you to Asta & her Mommi Ami for making this date possible.  It was the best night of my life!

Pet Recipes Wanted

Hello friends,

I’m working on a prototype cookbook that we can sell for friends in need and I’m looking to you to donate pet recipes!

If you have one that you could send me, please e-mail it to PBU at comcast dot net.  Please include the recipe, a picture of the finished product, if you have one, along with a picture of yourself.  Each page will have the recipe, a picture of the sumitter, their blog address and hopefully a picutre of the finished recipe.

If this works out I hope to sell them in conjunction with the Crossed Paws bloggers who are running the bake sale, auction, and kissing booths, as an ongoing fundraiser, so get your recipes and pics to me as soon as you can, and thanks in advance for helping!