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They’re Not Too Photogenic

My mom person is slowly getting better (too slowly), but I convinced her and my dad person to send out a nice New Years Greeting.

You’ll see that this is yet another amazing picture of me.  They look a little crazy.

Here’s one where they look closer to acceptable.

I’m looking into the future, into 2012, thinking about how much fun 2012 is going to be.

Happy New Year!!!

PhotobucketAnd Family

Break Time

Hi guys,

My mom person has a bad sinus infection that won’t go away, so she’s going to take a few days off blogging to get better. 

Of course my job will be to be snuggled up next to her to make her feel better.

There is a really nice giveaway on Pet Blogs United right now so click here if you have’t already entered.


Not Bad For December

Usually by the end of December we are already sick of snow. 

But look at yesterday!

Forty degrees with sunshine! 

Perfect weather to gnaw on my elk antler that Santy brought me!

I hope whether it’s sun or snow you are wishing for that you get it!


Christmas Presents From Sagira

Jazzi hosts a wonderful Blogville Christmas Exchange every year & this year Iwas lucky enough to get my gifts from the lovely Sagira, from Sagira’s Agility Adventures.

First I got a snazzy collar & leash set.  Aqua blue & brown really set of my fur, don’t you think?

Here’s a better picture of the collar and the leash next to each other so you can see the pattern.

Then there was this great squeaky guy.

He got taken away after I preformed some much needed emergency surgery on his appendages.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my mom person pulled treats out of the box.  Man, that Sagira is one generous and thoughtful gal!

 Oh, you want a picture where you can see the treats without me attacking them, here you go.

But best of all was the pawsome letter that Sagira sent me.

I love being a part of the Blogville community and want to thank Jazzi for hosting the exchange & especially Sagira for sending me such nice things.

I hope you had some pawsome presents under your tree!



Hey dad,

Since your sitting at the computer can we update my blog?

OK, I want to tell all of my great bloggy friends that I hope they have a wonderful holiday.  A holiday that’s filled with lots of family & love & food & joy & parties.

If it would just start already, I’m dying of anticipation!

I hope your next few days are happy, jolly & merry!


Hey! What About Me?

So you guys know that my mom person hasn’t been around, right?  She ditched me to go to Disney & AKC Eukanuba Dog Show.

So she gets home & she gets out the flashy box & I get all set to have my photo taken with the dumb thing so she can update my blog.

WHAT!  What do you mean look how cute Chloe is being?

Cute is me, I’m cute!

You spent the week with some giant Mouse & about 3,000 dogs that were not me & when you come home you take pictures of Chloe?

Annoying, thumb-possessing woman!


Hello From The Mom Person

Hello friends,

Oskar is taking a little break at his grandma’s house while I’m in Orlando attending the AKC Eukanuba National Championship as a guest blogger.

From the dock diving, agility, obedience and conformation dogs I’m going to see and take in as much as I can, but first I’m going to Disney!

I’ll update as much as I have time for.  Make sure to stay tuned to Pet Blogs United for lots of great dog show updates!

Pam – Oskar’s mom person!

No Squirrel Is Coming In My Yard!

Here I am, sound asleep, when my Oskie senses start tingling!

I knew it!  A big fat squirrel trying to infiltrate my territory!


I sprang into action after him, telling him that this was my yard.

He ran up that tree pretty fast & yelled at me the whole time. 

From now on I’ll have to keep a closer watch.

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