My Red Boots

First we have to thank you for the outpouring of love & support for my mom person.  Sometimes she thinks that if it weren’t for blog friends she would have totally lost it years ago.  The honest truth is that without her medications for bi-polar, life is really hard for her right now, but her shrink wrote her an actual prescription to blog every day, so hopefully we’ll be around to see you all soon.

Now back to ME!  In case you didn’t know, I have red boots.  They go on during mud season so I get less mud between my toesies.  No I prefer to have the mud, but since it leads to baths I deal with the boots.

I’ve actually decided that I look quite dapper in my boots.

They contrast nicely with my furs & my favorite toy, Blue.

They are disposable, and are like little balloons for my feet, so they don’t absorb the dirt from outside.

I fight when they have to go on, but secretly that’s just so my people don’t get the idea that they are in charge!

Off I go!



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  1. Wowwie! Me wonders if my Daddy wrote everyday he would feel betters. Right now hes having a very hard time too.
    Oskar, your boot is splenderiforous! Me thinks my hairy slobbery sisters should gets some of those. Spring is MESSY!

  2. You're an excessively handsome fashionista, Oskar…with red boots and all. Hey…give all your loving to your mom. purrr….meow!

  3. Wowee- you really wear those red boots? How cool is that.
    I think blogging everyday and not skipping any day-is the perfect perscription

  4. We doooooo remember your red boots. You sure look dapper in it 🙂

    Hope your mommy be a better soon. A blog a day is a very good prescription. You do have a very wise doctor 🙂

  5. Oskar, you are adorable, I love your red boots!Very fashion style!
    Love to your sweet mammy!
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  6. We probably need those for all the burrs. Sometimes we get loads in our pads on our walks and have to limp until SHE pulls them out.

    Hugs to your Mum.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We think writing every day just might help, at least in a small way. We're sending your mom lots of purrs! Trying to manage mental illness can be so very tricky. (((Hugs)))

    Oskar, those boots are so stylish–you look terrific!

  8. I think that was super advice… blogging EVERY day!!!

    Love your boots… I'm just glad that they are YOURS and not MINE. My mom just washes our paws in a pan of water… about 87 times a week.

  9. Ohhhh I just love your red boots. M says it would be easier to take your boots off then to wipe your feet every time you come in muddy.

  10. Oh Oskar, I am so sorry to hears bouts your mom. I hope hers is doing betters now cuz it just sucks to be sad and stuffs…and we can relate.

    Nows bout them boots…well, I still prefers da mud…hehehehe. But I do hafta agress on da fact dat you looks smashin' in them.


  11. Hope your Mom gets to feelin' better every day!

    Mud is better, butt having a bath is bad, so stick wit da boots!

  12. We hope your mommy takes good care of herself so she can keep taking good care of you!
    Do you walk funny with your boots? My mom wants to get some for me, knowing I'd fight them too, but thought I might not want to walk with them on.

  13. Hope your mom is feelin' better and on the happy track! It's no fun going through stuff like that… we feel for her. But, I must admit, you are lookin' good in your booties! hehe

  14. We will wear clothes, and hats sometimes, but boots? Nope, you are a better doggie than us (cats)…

  15. Oh no, woe is me – Mom says maybe she needs some of those boots for me and my muddy paws.

    Sigh, Lightning

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