Monthly Archives: March 2012

Look At Me Now!

Since Blogger (and those pesky squirrels) decided to eat my layout my mom person decided it was time for a new one.

We found the amazing background at Hot Bliggity Blogs.  They have tons of great choices and very easy instructions for installing the backgrounds.

Then my mom person said that we needed a new header to match.  We contacted them & Casey responded immediately.  We had our first contact with her about noon & I had a whole new header installed by 5:00!

Casey helped us position the new header correctly and was very concerned to make the header just what we wanted.

We’re not getting any deals or green papers for this, we just wanted to let you know that Hot Bliggity Blogs is a great place to go if you want to update your blog!

Now I know you want to see pictures of moi, so here are a couple of me relaxing after all that work. *note from Oskar’s mom person, Casey did all the work, but we’ll let Oskar think he helped*

I hope you all like my new fun look!


Hats Of Hope For Judibug

Our lovely blogging friend Miss Judi is having some hard health issues right now.  Some great bloggers got together to arrange this blog hop for her.  Since Miss Judi in known for “hatting” furries we thought we would put on a hat show for her.

Even though I’m a woofie, I thought I would don a kitty hat in hopes of making her smile.

Miss Judi, we are lifting you up in prayer and sending out best healing vibes to you.



Kitty Caturday

My mom person spent some of the money she could have spent on me to get the cats a new tunnel.

It’s been an abject failure.

This is as far as either of the cats has venutred into it.  She even sprinkled some powerful catnip in there to entice them.

You’ll notice that Chloe’s rear fills up most of the entryway, BOL!

Next time I hope the woman comes to her senses and gets more toys for me instead.  The cats do not appreciate the finer things in life.


The Story About Our Cats

Many people ask why I don’t like that cats that live here with me, but I have many cat blogging friends.

The cats that live with me swot me on the nose for no good reason at any given time.

I’m very respectful of them, even when they stick their noses in my bum!  Here’s proof.

Now Chloe has no good reason for being back there, except to bother me.  And she bothers me whenever she feels like it.  I don’t bark at the kitties, I don’t chase them, but they live to antagonize me!

I’d love to be their friends if only they would learn to play nice.  However it is my understanding that cats consider themselves above the rules, and probably won’t change anytime soon!