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  1. We haven't had any thunder storms this year yet… and that's good… 'cause I am so NOT a fan. They're really scary, you know? When we do have one, I'm gonna remember how brave you were during yours and try to do the same, okay?

  2. And it's because of you, that I got MY Thundershirt! It doesn't work on me as well as it does on you, but it does help to an extent. Thanks, pal!


  3. I am so glad that your thundershirt works for you Oskar!!
    So far I haven't had a dog that is afraid of thunder in 38 years!!!!
    I have been lucky I guess!!!!

  4. Hi Oskar!

    I have a Thundershirt too and worn it when needed f or the last couple of years. But lately, my Mom hasn't got it out for me, because I seem to get through the spring storms OK. So we are hoping I will be able to deal with storms better on my own. We'll see! She'll get it out if I need it.


  5. Buuuuut, you should advertise fur them, you is doin' a fab job at it. But I ain't skeered of NUTTIN'…no, really I ain't.

    I wanted to tells you also dat your previous post was just absolutely PHENOMENAL…just beautifuls and me and mum loved all da speacial quilts dat surround ya'll. Very touchin'.


  6. I'm so happy that your thundershirt works for you, Oskar! You look like you're sleeping like a baby right through the nasty storm!

    Love ya lots,

  7. My pack mate Rusty has one of those but he still shakes, rattles, and rolls whenever it rains. But not quite as much as he used to without it.

  8. The Thundershirt didn't help at our house, but glad to hear it's working for you!

    Critter Alley

    P.S. Hope Mom is feeling much better!

  9. Hi Oskar – My mum bought Scarlet a Thundershirt and on the day she gave it to her – we had a huge Thunderstorm!! – so she got to try it out immediately. I shiver and shake with thunders, but I was not as bad as Scarlie, but the shirt worked sooo great, that mum is now thinking I could do with one.

    Glad yours works too!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  10. Phantom isn't too crazy about t-storms either, but it is the pre-storm time that freaks him out the most, the anticipation. He can't hear the thunder any more so that doesn't bother him. And it is now that time of the year – so glad to know the thundershirt helps you, Oskar.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Oh Oskar – thunder boomers can be so scary. It's good you have that shirt to keep you safe and make you feel protected. I even get a little scared myself on really loud boommers.

  12. Glad that thundershirt gets you through Oskar 🙂

    Saw your red disposable mud boots. They do look very smart on you 🙂

    And Mike the potato? Mom laughed when I grabbed one from my harvest and started gnawing on it. They taste really good don't they 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Wow if it works for you, maybe we should get Daisy Boo one, she is terrified of things like that.


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