15% Off All EzyDog.com Products with Discount Code

I know you’ve seen pictures of me in my EzyDog Chest Plate Harness.

I also have an EzyDog backpack that I’m going to talk about soon.

I wanted to tell you the news about the EzyDog.com discount for my friends.  See EzyDog.com has an amazing array of harnesses, leashes, collars, doggie floatation devices and backpacks.  They gave me a special code so that all of my friends can get 15% off any order!  Isn’t that cool?

All you have to do is enter EZYPBU (all caps) in the discount code box on the EzyDog.com website and you’ll recieve 15% off. 

I want you to know that we’re not getting any kickbacks or anything from EzyDog, we won’t be making any money off of your orders.  EzyDog is our BlogPaws sponsor and since we love the products so much EzyDog wants you to try them too, so viola, a 15% off code.  Cool huh?

Find your peeps money card and hop online to do some spring shopping!  Let me know if you order something, I can’t wait to see what you think!



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  1. hi oscar, love your harness you look very cool!
    stormy has 3 of the ezydog harnesses but just in black cos they blend in nice with his fur. i will go on the website right now and see what else i can get him with the discount code, thanks so much xxx

  2. I lovews your harness so much that I had to go over and see if they made a harness for cats. Sigh! they don't., M is looking for one similar to yours only for kitties, She can't find them in the US.

  3. You look very proud and handsome, Oskar, but I am glad they don't do one for cats. Austin would head for the hills lol

  4. Oskar, I have one, too!! I love it! I put up a pic of me wearing mine on my bloggie, come over and see it sometime. My ma says thank you so much for the discount code, because she was thinking of ordering a backup for me.

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