Happy Frankie Furter Day!

The genius doggies over at K9 Katastrophie decided that we should all get together to celebrate our wonderful Mayor of Blogville Frankie Furter!

Frankie is always there for every pup & every kit, with announcements, fun events, and great comments on all of his friends blogs.  He makes all the new kids on the block feel welcomed and runs Blogville better than any other Mayor I’ve ever heard of.

Not to mention he is an amazing mentor and big brother to little Ernie, teaching him how to be a gentleman dog all while keeping his two beautiful wives happy.

They broke the mold when they make Frankie and we are forever thankful to call him a friend.

Frankie, we dedicate, this, our 600th post to you pal.  You are 87 million percent cool!


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  1. Hey Fuzz Butt!
    Wow, what a great post for Frankie…and it's your 600TH! OMD that's so wonderful. 600 is waaaaay more than 87. Thanks for joining in with FF day.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge A Licious

  2. Holy Moley…600 posts! Dats a milestone and to shares it withs Frankie is awesome! He is gonna be so thrilled.


  3. WOAH! What a great idea!!. We Love Frankie Furter so much. He is great at communication and humor and a really good gardner too.

    Happy day Frankie Furter. We salute you!


  4. OH Oskar… I can not believe that you DEDICATED your 600th POST to me. I am so honored. THAT is really Special. THANK YOU BUDDY!!!!!

  5. OMC-= 600 posts. Congratulations. Your mom is amazing Oskar to do 600 posts for you. What a great way to celebrate – honor Frankie.

  6. Hi Oskar, we love your post and we love Mr Frankie. Congratulations on your 600th post. Wowza!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. I hopped over from As the crakerhead crumbles to say hi. I've red about Frankie Furter Day on a couple of other blogs.

  8. 600 postie, well I just cannot imagine the sheer imagination that took to think of 600 things to say. And Mayor Frankie got the honor of being the 600 one. Gosh over at my humbler blog he got to be post unlucky 13. hehehe
    Sweet William The Scot

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