Pardon Our Dust

We are in the process of moving our blog from Blogger to Worpress.  Construction dog is working hard & my mom person is trying to remain calm.  This is a big switch.

We would love for you to follow us with NetworkedBlogs if your on Facebook.  The widget is there in the sidebar.  You can also subscribe to get e-mail updates.

If you want to  keep seeing my blog updates in your Blogger Dashboard follow the directions below, it’s really easy I promise.

On your Blogger Dashboard, click the grey ADD button.

You’ll see a window pop up that looks like this.

In the box I circled, type in and then click the orange follow button.

That’s all there is to it.  Now anytime I update my blog it will show up on your Blogger Dashboard.

I love all of my blogging friends and hope that you will follow me to my new WordPress home!


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  1. Well you asked fur my feedback. THIS blog looks just fine to me. I guess I hate to seen ANYBUDDY Leave Blogspot. It seems so Easy to Follow Furends on that. Butt those who have Changed to WordPress seem happy with it. The one GOOD thingy about WordPress is… NONE of those Double the Trouble Prove you aren’t a Robot Words to have to TRY and type.

  2. Woo Hoo, we found you. Looks good to us.We don’t use the Blogger Dashboard but we are hoping we will be able to get this to work in our Google Reader.

    Happy Memorial Day.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Thanks for giving us your new blog address and the directions on how to get there. It was easier than how those humans use those map programs on the internet. (It would have been funny to mark alternate routes along with the blogger directions – like those internet direction websites where you go to find “point A to point B”. How about nearest food and lodging — you know a picture of the kitchen and sofa.) Does that make any sense, it is way past Mommy’s bed time and she tends to ramble on and on and on…zzz.

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