Under Construction!

My mom person is taking the leap and moving my blog to WordPress this weekend.  I don’t know what will happen, except probably a lot of HBO words & a lot of phone calls to the amazing lady owned by Skeezix the cat, who is foolishly helping my mom person with this endeavor.

I have no idea what this site will look like as this happens so wish us luck!



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  1. Oh Flynn, don't worry. Once this is done everyone will automatically be re-directed to my new site so you won't have to miss me at all.

    I sure hope you'll come visit me on my new site!


  2. Oooo, so exciting!! Good luck mom! Just cover your ears Oskar when those HBO words fly!BOL

    Thanks for sending us new friends Oskar! It's been great meeting everyone! LOTS of nice bloggie friends out there.


  3. One question, Oskar. Will you look more excessively handsome on WordPress? If you are, then I'm all for it. Err…except that it's harder to comment using tablets… purrr…meow!

  4. Hey Oskar – good luck! We've always been on WordPress and we love it! 🙂

    Tell your Mom Person to make sure she chooses a theme which includes "Comment reply notification" – coz one of the most annoying things about Blogger is that it doesn't allow "threaded comments" – and so readers never know when you have replied to their comments – 1st, you have to do it at the bottom, rather than under their comment, and then you have to specifically let them know – otherwise they never find out! Whereas WordPress usually has that feature included (although check the theme) so that people are notified when you reply to their comment! Encourages discussion a lot more! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Good luck to Mom, Oskar. See you soon, we hope:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Hey Fuzz Butt!
    Wow, good luck with your big move! Do you have a van big enough to haul all of your stuffs? Anyway, I love that doggy construction pooch! BOL. The only thing missing is you can't see his butt crack! BWAR HAR HAR
    See you in your new place!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge A Licious

  7. Luck! Luck! Luck!! I'm sending lots of luck and positive vibrations to you so that the move is smooth!!! Feel the room shaking? That's all those positive vibrations I'm sending your way!!!

    Can't wait to see your new digs!

  8. Good luck with the move! I hope it goes smoothly for you. Mom says it wasn't as bad as she was afraid it would be when she moved ours!


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