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My Birthday Celebration

First I have to say that this was my bestest birthday ever, thanks to so many friends who stopped by to leave birthday wishes.  You all rock!

My mom person planned to make me a cake using these ingredients.

She was going to mound up the Iams food, cover it in mashed potato frosting & decorate it with bacon pieces.  Then we opened the dog food and found this.

The food was like a stew with gravy so she had to improvise.  I think it came out really well!

I could hardly wait to taste it!

It was pawsome!

My mom person likes this shot ’cause it shows my ‘tocks & my nubbin tail!

Then we got to the presents!

There was some carob cookies that are like Oreos but made with carob so they’re safe for dogs, a squeaky bone that has super durable material so that I can’t chew through it and an Unbreakoball.  First I tried the cookies – Yum-o!

Then I tried the Unbreakoball.  They said it may be too big for me.  They were right.  I couldn’t find any way to play with it.

Let me have that squeakie bone!

That worked much better.  I had so much fun on my 7th birthday, I’m thinking about having another one next month!

Again, thank you all for sharing it with me, it made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Courtesy of Zoolatry

Today I am 7!  Isn’t that cool?  Being 7 I am very wise and knowledgeable.  I have some tips that I’d like to share with my younger friends.

Don’t lift your leg into the wind.

Always blame your kitty sisters if you chew open a package of kibble or treats.

When landscaping the yard, make sure to make the holes you dig at least ankle deep.

Don’t try to play with the cats, unless you enjoy a good slap in the woozle.

The litter box is not a buffet.

When doing surgery on stuffed toys, do not eat the stuffins.  The VET has a bad way of making the stuffins come out of you.

And most importantly, let your friends know how much they mean to you.

You guys mean the world to me & having blogging friends all over the world make me a very rich, excessively handsome schnauzer, indeed.

And now I’ll leave you with some squee-inducing pictures of baby Oskar.

Happy my birthday to all of you, friends.  Now go give your peeps an extra smooch and a nubbin wiggles to let the know that you love them!

She Made It Home From BlogPaws!

Well my mom person & Flat Oskar arrived home from BlogPaws on Sunday.  Yes it took her two days to get around to updating my blog…her priorities are all out of whack.

I can’t be mad because she brought me back some good loot, although I only got 3 Greenies & she brought back 7 bags of Temptations treats for the cats!

I got a really cool official Olympic scarf from Iams.  My mom person is an Iams blogger so they supply me & the cats that live here with their pawsome food.  Iams is owned by Proctor & Gamble who are sponsors of the Olympics, so I lucked out & got this.

Petsmart was at BlogPaws too, and that’s where she got me these two new toys.  They are from the Toys R Us collection.

She also lined up some cool giveaways and articles for Pet Blogs United so I guess it was okay that she went without me.  I got spoiled by my monnie (grandma) and dad person while she was gone.  I even got to chase a bunny & a deer at my monnie’s house!

There will be another post soon with more of Flat Oskar’s adventures.

We haven’t been around to see what our friends have been up to in ages, so we going to come around today & visit!

Let’s Get The BlogPaws Pawty Started!

My mom person & my rip-off stand in Flat Oskar are in Salt Lake City for the BlogPaws conference.  I hear she is telling people I can’t be there because I don’t have any manners…it’s not my fault, I was born without them.  It’s like a birth defect.

Anyway here’s some hilights from the run up to BlogPaws.

Here’s one of the beautiful buildings in Temple Square, Assembly Hall.

Here’s my mom person & that imposter Flat Oskar.

Heres Pumpkin Puddy in her little stroller.

And guess who found the swag bags early…

My mom person is really excited to meet tons of blogging and Twitter friends and hopefully learn something in the process.  We’ll see how often she actually has time to update the blogs while she’s there partying!

My Doggone Swap With Sarge

Sprinkles hosted a cool swap and I got lucky enough to get my buddy Sarge as my partner.  Let me tell you, Sarge should be a personal shopper!

I could hardly wait to see what was in the box when it came.

Look at this stuff, a cool bowl, some treats a no-stuffing beaver and two Dura-Play toys!

Can I have that, please?

C’mon, lets take it outside!

Don’t worry, Blue, you’re still my favorite!

I’d like to take the beaver outside…

What do you mean, NO…Oskar’s don’t like the word NO!  All right then let’s go out and play with the little green ball.

This is some really fangtastic stuff, Sarge.  Thanks for being such a good swap partner!

Finding The Best Healthy Cat Food For Your Overweight Cat

Overweight pets are a real problem in modern day society.  Like overweight people, the extra pounds on your cat can predispose him or her to health problems, as well as making day to day life uncomfortable. It can be hard to figure out what to feed your cat, however, when there are so many choices on the market:
Appropriate High-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in pet food are listed in order by weight. This means that the first ingredient is the most plentiful. However, if this ingredient is fresh meat, which is mostly water, it may actually be less important than the next several ingredients.

Byproducts are the edible parts of an animal that humans don’t eat. They are a bit controversial in pet food, but many experts consider them just fine. Animals in the wild would eat these parts, so there is little reason that our domestic cats should not. Identified meat meals are also good, high-quality ingredients that should be near the top of the ingredients list.

One thing to look for on labels is the name of the product included. ‘Chicken byproducts’ identifies the animal and thus is better than an ingredient such as ‘meat byproducts’ or ‘animal digest’. The latter two can contain any type of animal, including roadkill and euthanized pets, not just animals raised for food.

Wet versus Dry Foods 

It used to be that kibble was considered the best choice for pets, as it was thought to clean the teeth when it forced pets to chew. However, cats do not drink often in nature, and research has shown that domestic cats do not drink enough to compensate for the lack of water in their food when fed kibble. For this reason, most experts now recommend wet food.

Diet and Reduced-Calorie Offerings

Cats are true carnivores that were built to eat a lot of protein in the form of meat. While some cats can eat this way and get fat, most of them do well on a high-quality, protein-rich wet food. However, not all cats will eat this, especially those that have spent their lives eating kibble.

Wet and dry food are both available for cats in reduced-calorie forms. Usually the goal of these foods is to provide bulk without too many calories. Vegetables are a good way to do this. Beware of grains, as some cats may turn carbohydrates into fat. The best food in the world may not work for you if you cat won’t eat it.

The best way to proceed for many people is to make a list of acceptable healthy cat food options, and and explore products until you find one that meets your needs. Just remember to change foods slowly, so as to avoid any upset tummies.

Spitting Image

You may know that I have two kitty sisters.  Chloe is a large calico girl, and Moe is a small tortie girl.

We found a kitty who looks very similar to our Moe ling.  Here’s a picture of Moe Ling.

Now look at this kitty from Katnip Lounge.  Her name is May Ling!

I wonder if Moe would want to go and check out the Catio at Katnip Lounge…I have just the right sized box to ship her in!


Blogville Summer Olympics

The Blogville Summer Olympics are coming in July & we want you to get ready!

Start looking for and taking pictures for these events now.  Kitties, we’re talking to you too!  My events are Crazy Singles Sleeping & Synchronized Sleeping, and I know you kitties are good at those.  We don’t just want to stop with cats & dogs though.  Ferrets, donkeys, birds, hampsters, heck any animal you’ve got is allowed to enter any event you’d like.

I have listed all of the Olympic events along with the host of each event.  Follow these friends now, to stay up to date on all the event information.

Frankie Furter – Olympic Committee Chairman

Posey – Parade of Athletes

Roo – OPENING Extravaganza

Jazzi –  Window Nose Art

Sarge – Swimming

Oskar – Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleepers

Bertie – Bouncing

Oh, Cute Corbin – Cross Neighborhood Walkabout

Benny and Lily – Beach Ball

Madi – Gymnastics

Lily Belle and Muffin – Couch Potato Peeling

Mona and Weenie – Tongue Curling/Raspberry & Critter Stalking

Pip – Discus / Frisbee

Goose – Stick(s)

Bert – Pole Jumping

Murphy and Stanley – Marathon Chewing

Puddles – Digging

Declan – Tuneful Farting

Casey – Keep Away

Rubie and Poots – Equestrian

Mayzie – Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do

Shasta and Shiloh – Synchronized Peeing

Ruthie – DE-Stuffing

Susie and Sidebite – Free Style Zoomies

Ruby and Penny – Roaching and Rolling

Bailey and Katy – Squirrel Hurdles

Indigo – DRAW your Peeple

Lulu – Snack Sack Race

Sasha – Boxing

Frank the Tank – EXTREME Weather Sports

Max – Turbo Track

Luna and Cynder – Snoopendous SniffAthon

Mollie Jo – The Great Tennis Ball Tournament

Uji and Izzy – Bathtub Wrestling

Corey – Balance Beam


We will accept submissions from all participants starting on July 9th & will not accept any submissions after midnight on July 18th.  Here’s the official poop from the Olympic Committee:

THE OLYMPIC Committe MUST INSIST that All ATHLETES be ENTERED by Midnight July 18th.  in order for the athlete to be SCREENED fur Bugs.       The Peep Athletes have to be Screened fur DRUGS… butt WE of Blogville are above that!    However, we gotta be sure that no Fleas get in…          Complain to FRANKIE if you don’t like the deadline. 
Now I really don’t think that anyone needs to complain to Frankie, we can all get pictures in by the deadline, right?
This post is linked to the Olympic badge in my sidebar, so you can click on it anytime to see where the games will be hosted.
Please join us to make this a really cool & fun event for Blogville!

Can You See Me Now?

WordPress continues to frazzle my mom person’s nerves. When she clicks on my blog she sees this:
It’s making her even crazier in her crazy brain.  If you can see this post, we’d appreciate a comment.  And do you see other posts below this one?

Thanks so much for your help.  WordPress may be winning the battle, but we will win the war!