Gearing Up For The Blogville Olympics

We’re gearing up for the Blogville Olympics & it’s almost time for you to send in your pictures!  The events that I will be hosting are the Crazy Sleeping Singles, for any of you crazy sleepers out there.

Also, there’s Synchronized Snoozing for you pairs or groups who like to sleep alike.

For a list of all the events in Blogville & in The Cat Blogosphere, click on the colorful Calender of Events button in my sidebar that has the paws on it.

For my two sleeping events, you can start submitting photos on July 9th.  According to Olympic Committee dictate, I must not accept any pictures accepted after July, 18th at midnight EST.  You can send your pictures to PBU at comcast dot net, but remember, not before 7/9.

See ya at the games!


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  1. We will have to have mom catch some of our synchronized sleeping ops. We have a pretty crazy shot up today bit it doesn’t fit the categories

    Have a fun day, Oskar.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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