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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig


Of course we’ve been through all of this before, because my mom person has a chronic stomach condition called gastroparesis that makes digesting food difficult sometimes, but I still worry about her all the same.

She would have been gone anyway, because she was supposed to be at Barkworld with her friends, but at least then she would be coming home with some swag for me!

She missed me so much that she went out in her jammy clothes to play with me & prove that she’s really okay.

I’m one happy guy, I missed my mom person 🙂

Black & White Iams Home 4 The Holidays Sunday

Here I am on Black & White Sunday with an early Iams Home 4 The Holidays post.  Just take a look at these numbers!

Current meal donations are at 27,215 and pet adoptions have reached more than 90,000 so far!!! Here is the breakdown of pets who have found 4-ever homes through Iams Home 4 the Holidays since October 1st:

Dogs: 49,735
Cats: 39,502
Other: 1,229
Total 90,466

Isn’t that great news.  I hope knowing that all those pets have found forever homes makes your Sunday brighter 🙂

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Dr. Raasch Answers Your Nutrition Questions

In September I offered you all the opportunity to ask Iams Dr. Raasch nutrition questions.  Here are her answers.

Murry & Stanley, your question got left off of the video, but here’s the answer she provided:

Murphy & Stanley ask:

What are the top 3 ingredients to select and avoid in a dog food?

Hi Murphy and Stanley, happy to help answer this question for you!

· Look for a protein source, such as chicken or fish, as a primary ingredient.

· As part of our nutritional philosophy, we use animal-based proteins and no fillers in our food.

· We believe animal-based protein source are important because it supplies amino acids that build hair, skin, nails, muscles, etc. and these proteins are easier to digest

· We also don’t add glutens to any of our Iams ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals & Premium Protection products.

Here are the answers to the rest of the questions you asked.  If you can’t view the video you can see it on YouTube.

I want to thank Dr. Raasch & especially our sponsor Iams for this opportunity!

I’m Falling!

We’ve been a little busy lately, so we haven’t been around Blogville as much as I’d like to.  I do have some good news though.  Remember when I had you ask questions of the Iams Nutritionist?  Well I have those answers back and will be sharing them with you soon.

For now I’m just trying to celebrate fall by bringing as many leaves into the house as I can.  It’s good fun.

I’ve always been good at interior design!

Blog The Change For Animals

Blog the Change

Blog the Change for Animals is a great event that I am happy to participate in.  I wanted to talk to you about the Iams Home 4 the Holidays program.   I am proud to be an Iams blogger and participating in Home 4 the Holidays is always a highlight!

Iams Home 4 the Holidays is an annual pet-adoption campaign dedicated to helping place orphaned pets into happy, loving homes. Started in 1999 by Helen Woodward Animal Center (in partnership with Iams) this is the campaign’s 14th year. Working with thousands of participating shelters and rescue organizations from around the world, the campaign has helped more than 7 million pets find loving homes. The pet adoption drive began on October 1 and runs through January 2, 2013.

Please check out the Iams Home 4 the Holidays program and see how you can help animals all over the country get food & find their forever home.

To see the other blogging participants you can to to Blog the Change homepage.

A Trip To The Park

The other day my people loaded me into my EzyDog Chestplate harness and my booster seat for an adventure.  Luckily we weren’t going to the vet or the groomer!

We went to the park where my people got married!

Here’s me & my mom person in the gazebo where they said their vows.

“Hey dad, I think the ducks are this way!”


I was so happy to get out and go on an adventure!  Have you had an adventure recently?