Shhh, We’re Sleeping!

My mom person came onto the sunporch to find this last night.

001While she was busy doing other things, my dad person, Chloe, Moe & I had made good use of the extra couch space.  When my mom person tried to sit down in Chloe’s spot, she got this reaction.

008You can see that her “not impressed” face means business!



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  1. I think your all so very smart to know the most comfy places to sleep.
    And it is best to make the cutest faces ever when the mom person looks at you- because you will always get your way.

  2. Hello Oskar! Happy New Year!!! We hope that 2013 is a wonderful one for you all.

    See that expression on Chloe’s faCE? She says I have a very similar one (superimposed on to a Westie’s face you understand) when either of Them tries to take space on ‘my’ couch. It’s very effective!!!


    Groucho recently posted..The No Longer Pawly-ness of GrouchoMy Profile

  3. We have two cats and we know that look well!! That’s catitude!! I bet your mom person found somewhere else to relax! I love cats and their ‘tude’!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  4. Why must they always try to steal our seats?? Did she not see there was plenty of floor – she could have stretched out any which way she wanted!!

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