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Let’s Thank Some True Heroes

Since we’ve had the sickies, we haven’t had much cool dog stuff to blog about.  Today I talked it over with my mom person and we’d like to share an piece about unsung heroes, military wives.

Every now and again we probably take time out of our day to think about how tough must be for them.  But none of us who haven’t been there can really understand.

Ashleigh Baker’s amazing post will help you understand, appreciate and be forever grateful to these American Heroes.

this is to you, the military wife

How Could I Have Pancreatitis When I Can’t Even Pronounce It?

See that big P word up there?  That’s what I have.  Apparently it’s because I have something called a pane-cree-us.  You probably have one too.

It made me puke lots.  I’m not used to puking and I didn’t like it.

2013-09-26 21.53.52

This was right on the tail end of recovery from my back thingie that made me have to stay still for 2 weeks!  To help my back get better the vet gave me a pill to make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger called a steroid.

I didn’t get big muscles, but I did get the pukes…  Miniature schnauzers are 10-20% more likely to get pancreatitis than other breeds. I guess the steroids helped get the pane-cree-us sick.

(A tip to my friends, don’t search Google Images for dog pancreas…apparently my insides are not excessively handsome like my outer self.)

I’m on a special food from the vet and my mom person talked to her friends at Iams to help determine with my vet the best food for me going forward to keep my innard part from getting sick.

2013-09-26 21.54.07

I haven’t been able to be groomed for months because of all this.  Now you know how much I enjoy working up a big stink in my furs, but I’m getting a little too scuzzy even for me!

More Sickies For Me

Hello friends,

I’m sorry we have still been off the radar.  Just when I got my back feeling better, now I’m having troubles with vomiting.



My energy is low too.  They think I might have pancreatitis.  I guess that in addition to being excessively handsome, miniature schnauzers are predisposed to pancreatitis.

20130912_165953I’m taking medicine & eating special food.  I’m waiting to see my very own vet Dr. on Saturday.  I saw a different vet at the same practice, but he didn’t do the blood work necessary to determine if I do actually have pancreatitis.

So, once again, we’ll probably be out of touch even more.  We’ll update you all when we get any new information.