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A Bath Before Grooming???

So my peeps in their delusional state infinite wisdom decided that before I went for my grooming, I had to have a bath.  These people are just into torture, I’m sure of it. 

Here are some always fun post bath crazies.

Hi mom!

Here’s a gratuitous shot of my adorable curly-haired nubbin butt post bath.

Now let me out so I can get this pina colada stink off me!


Just Rude

Hello.  My name is Oskar Wilhelm Hoerauf & I smell like butt.  That’s what my mom person told me!

I think she’s being quite rude & am personally a little sick of the flowery, vanilla, whatever, that she always smells of.

I am now ignoring her.  That should teach her a valuable lesson about rudeness.

I am also actively hoping that she’s too tired to give me have a bath.  Baby it’s cold outside & Oskie needs to keep his stink on!


Post Bath Crazies!

I was sitting here minding my own business, whem BAM, bathtime came out of nowhere!  I assured there would be no embarassing bath time photo’s, but my mom person was able to capture my post bathtime crazies.

This would have been better as a video but my mom person someone who shall remain nameless, couldn’t remember how to do the video on the camera.  (Hint, push the VIDEO button)

Don’t all of you get the crazies after bath time?  It takes a long time to get my hairs all fixed and smelling right again.  In case you didn’t know miniature schnauzers are one of the few dog breeds that actually have hair and not fur, so that’s why we are almost always hypo-allergenic & we don’t shed!


It’s Melting!

My last post was about how snowy I get, but we’ve had a warm up lately. You know what means…mud!

I’m enjoying it, but my mom person is not. So far she has made me have 3 baths today. Every time I get myself good & muddy, she wrecks it all!

Look at all this good mud, just going down the drain!

The whole thing is just exhausting!


Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. My mom person had some problems & I haven’t learned to type yet.

This is just a mish mash of stuff that’s been going on here.

Here’s me & my dad person on Father’s day. I was giving him extra snuggles so he knew that I love him.


Here I am today, just resting.


O.K., I was resting in the bathtub, there were loud thunder noises, so I knew I needed to guard my mom persons bath pillow. She really likes that pillow.


While all of this was going on, the cats were planning something. I think they’re up to no good, You can see it in their eyes. We’ll see what happens.



Oskar & The Devil Squirrel

Camera Critters

*Oskar’s note: My mom person wouldn’t make me a new post for today’s Camera Critters on account of she almost ate a spider that was in her breakfast, & now she feels “pukey”. Mom, I said, spiders are yummy. A little crunch on the outside with a soft creamy center. Then she made me go outside. I will never figure these people out!*

One rainy, muddy backyard


+ one devil squirrel


= one filthy tub


& one wet, disgruntled schnauzer!


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