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Meet My Friends Marley & Henry!

I recently met a new friend named Marley with a really interesting story to tell!

“I’m a black and tan standard dachshund. I’m Chinese. My Lady is American and we live in north India. How’s that for multicultural? I’m adopted. My first family left China when I was almost three and never came back. Only Dad returned after six months to sell the furniture and find me a home. Dad heard about Lady and asked her if she were interested in adopting me. Little did he know Lady had already asked God for a little black and tan wienie dog! We’ve been together for almost eight years now. I’ll be eleven in May. I blog about my adventures, and life in Asia. I often compare India and China. My first language is Chinese, then English, Korean, Kannada, and Hindi, but I only speak Dogese. I don’t have a very large readership yet. Lady helps me write as my nails get stuck on the keyboard.”

Stop by Marley’s World & give him a big Blogville hello!

And that adorable pup above?  That’s Henry & he is Pet Blogs United’s Featured Blogger this week.  He’s got 4 followers & I bet we could make that a higher number, right?  Stop by PBU to hear Henry’s story.  Today’s his second birthday!

Stop by & make some new friends today 🙂  Tell ’em Oskar sent ya!


Meet Raising A Super Dog

When I was at BlogPaws, I met Donna, a puppy raiser for Canine Companions For Independence (CCI).  Her blog Raising A Super Dog is a great peek into the life of a puppy raiser.

Yaxley just being a puppy!

My mom person is getting ready to interview Donna for Pet Blogs United, so we’ll have lots more to shrare about them, but in the meantime you can head over to Raising A Super Dog & say hi!


Frankie & Minna’s Thanksgiving Events

For Thanksgiving two great bloggers are hosting fun events.  Frankie Furter, Mayor of Blogville wants to know what we want to give our peoples for Christmas & the lovely Miss Minna Krebs wants to hear our adoption story.

Well for Christmas I’d like to get my boy John the new fancy-schmancy phone he would like, the HTC Evo

For my boy Jack I would like to get lots of pair of custom made Converse.

For my dad person I would like to get a wooden canoe that he has always wanted.

And for my mom person  I would like to get this cool book reading thingy called a Kindle.

 If I had the green papers I would buy all of these to make my people as happy as they always make me.

Now for my adoption story.

My people looked for a long time to come up with a doggie that was the right fit for the family.  After about a year of research they decided on a minature schnauzer!

My people didn’t really know about doggie rescues groups, as silly as that seems now.  They found a very reputable breeder, but didn’t have the funds to purchase a puppy.  Well my mom person called in on a radio show and won front row center seats to a Neil Diamond concert.  She was able to sell those on E-bay for enough money for a purebred schnauzer puppy.

4 Weeks Old

My mom was an all white miniature schnauzer who was bred with an all black miniature schnauzer.  She had 8 black babies!

My mom person originally wanted a girl puppy & wanted to name her Pansy.  All of the girl puppies were spoken for, so they picked me.  Since my dad person is German & schanuzers are German they decided to give me a German name & Oskar stuck!

So there you have it, the presents that I would get my people and the story of my adoption.  I hope you will all play along!  Don’t forget to stop by to thank Frankie & Minna Krebs for hosting such great Thanksgiving events.


Picture for Shiloh

My friend Shiloh from Team Beaglebratz liked the picture that I did of my Monnie & Bucka the other day, so he asked me to draw a picture of him.

It’s kind of hard to hold the crayons, ya know that whole lack-of-thumb thing but I made a picture just for Shiloh.

I tried to copy this picture.

So here’s my version.

How did I do?


Paw It Forward ~ Pressies From Mango!

I was lucky enough to recieve a Paw It Foward package from the relentlessly huge and hugely loveable Mango.

I got some fantabulous loot, take a look.

Cool Mango even has his own return address labels.

I believe this says O-S-K-A-R!

It smells of hugeness.

Let me read it! The outside says “Relentlessly Huge Greetings”

Hmm, an orange octopus.

He makes a very large noise! I’m barking back.

Ooh, this thing with long eyelashes looks cool.

& it has 16 separate squeakers!

Ooh, treats too!

Must take this outside!

Success! I have foiled my mom person and snuggled the stuffie toy outside!

Here you can see all of the cool squeakers. Did I metion that it has 16!

What? Treats, oh yeah!

I’d better check these out.

Yum, salmon & potato, high cuisine!

Is that an antler? It is, a deer antler to chew on. The package says “No deer were harmed, bullied or even teased during the making of these treats.” Mango even sends funny treats!

Please, may I try the antler?

I better get to work on this right away.

No you can’t have it back!

The next day I got brave and played with my sturdy orange loud squeaky octopus.

This thing is tough. I usually tear through toys, and all I could accomplish with this was to eat of 7 of the 8 little legs.

The octopus is my favorite new toy. I can play with it inside and outside and I haven’t been able to kill him. His very loud squeak was scary at first, but now I love it.

Mango Man I owe you and your mom person (and maybe even the Labradork) a huge thank you for these awesome presents. Your huge heart rules.

Now it’s my turn. I get to Paw It Forward to 3 other friends. If you want to play leave me a comment telling me that you want to Paw It Forward and an e-mail address where I can reach you. If I get more than 3 who want play I’ll pick 3 names out of a hat.

If you do want to play, then after you get your package, you send packages out to three friends. Fun huh? Spreading the love, one bloggy friend at a time.


Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a wonderful Great Dane who is having some very difficult medical issues right now.

I know many of my bloggie friends know him, but for those of you who don’t, please stop by his blog to give your encouragement him and his people. They could use your prayers, purrs, and tail wags.