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I Think I Just Blew My Mind

Holy cow,

Most of my friends know that my favorite toy is my Dura-Play ball called Blue.  Blue & I have had many great adventures.  Well this morning my mom person threw me for a loop.  Just look at this.


Which one to choose?

I better check out this new Blue to make sure it’s not an imposter!

It seems to check out okay.

Uh-oh, original Blue looks sad.

Don’t be sad friend, we’ve got too many great memories for me to abandon you!

I’ve got the best of both worlds!

Man, I am one lucky dog!

Me and Blue

This is me & Blue.  We are best friends.

Sometimes my mom person tries to come & take Blue away from me…this is what happens when she does.

Look at me fly!

I laugh at my mom person, she can never catch me!

All right, I guess I’ll give the old lady a break and give her a nice picture of me & my buddy.

Me & Blue sitting pretty.

Who’s your best friend?

My Red Boots

First we have to thank you for the outpouring of love & support for my mom person.  Sometimes she thinks that if it weren’t for blog friends she would have totally lost it years ago.  The honest truth is that without her medications for bi-polar, life is really hard for her right now, but her shrink wrote her an actual prescription to blog every day, so hopefully we’ll be around to see you all soon.

Now back to ME!  In case you didn’t know, I have red boots.  They go on during mud season so I get less mud between my toesies.  No I prefer to have the mud, but since it leads to baths I deal with the boots.

I’ve actually decided that I look quite dapper in my boots.

They contrast nicely with my furs & my favorite toy, Blue.

They are disposable, and are like little balloons for my feet, so they don’t absorb the dirt from outside.

I fight when they have to go on, but secretly that’s just so my people don’t get the idea that they are in charge!

Off I go!


Playing With Blue & My Mom Person

I’m tryin’ to get my mom person out of the house more, since our light is fading fast.  She’s not too thrilled with these photo’s of herself, but it’s my blog, so I insisted!

She tries & fails to get Blue from me.  I don’t really do the fetch part of fetching, bol!

Now she’s trying to trick me into trading Blue for my propeller.

Kick it far!!

Playing with my mom person & Blue, and getting to scatter all the fall leaves…it doesn’t get much better.

I hope you’re having some fall fun!


More Fun With Blue Ball!

When I’m playing with my blue ball, or to use his proper name, Blue, I really like him to get a feel for things so I put him in the dirt as much as possible.

Wait I know a great spot!

I can dig a great new hole over here.  My mom person likes it so much when I help with the landscaping like this she yells and waves her arms with joy!

I put Blue in the hole for maximum dirt-spit mixing, of course.  Perfect!

Needs more spit.

Okay, I’m ready chase me now.

Ooh here’s my propeller too.  I guess I better start the process all over again!