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JD & Max Rock!

Two of my bestest bloggy buddies are JD & Max.  Schnauzer brothers that live in the UK.

They are currently hosting an auction for Blueberry to pay for her medical treatment and have held 2 auctions to help Shelby!


On top of being super busy with all of that, their female human, Clare sent me a Christmas present!

I can smell them!

Hey, that has a doggie on it!

Wowie, it’s a special kind of calender that you put treats into!  And look at these!

I’m not waiting for Christmas to try these out!  What’s that?

For the cats…I’ll share with them, I guess cause JD & Max are so generous.  I want a treat now!

Oh yes, the card, very nice.  I’d like a treat.

Now please!

I’m sitting nicely…

Oh nom nom nom, these are delicious.  They have excellent taste.

I’ve always heard that the English are very refined, nom nom.

Chloe refuses to eat for the camera, even though she & Moe were very happy with the duck treats!

My mom person says our floor isn’t that dirty, it’s just really old tile.  Yeah, whatever, show my cool calender!

Now we get to fill it with treats!

Thank you so much JD, Max & Clare.  You guys rock!

Don’t forget to stop by Blueberry’s Auction, you can get something nice for your person for the holidays & help Blueberry at the same time!