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Being Helpful At Christmas

Today we celebrated Christmas with my Monnie & Bucka (my mom person’s parents).  They have a dog there Buster, so of course I took him a present.

Here is my boy Jack with Buster in the foreground.

Since I had taken Buster a gift and he is a senior dog I wanted to make sure he didn’t have to work to hard to open his present.

When it comes to unwrapping presents, I’m very helpful!

Once it was unwrapped, someone might as well play with it, right?

“Look Buster, you play with it like this.”

I hope all of you have a festive and jolly holiday!


The Buster Blues

He’s back. Again. It’s not enough that Buster’s back, look where he’s laying!!!


Here’s a closer look.


He’s on my pillow from my buddies JD & Max! There I am being good, nobly lying by and allowing him to be on my pillow, while I’m over here. I may be pouting a little…I wouldn’t look at my mom person & her stoopid flashy box.


But guess what? Buster went home today & I got an extra special treat for being so good.

Frosty Paws!


Delicious doggie ice cream. I waited very patiently for my treat.


Then, yummmmm


I guess it’s not so bad when he comes, as long as there are special treats for me after!

** Please go send Digby some prayers if your haven’t already. He is having a very bad struggle against a tick bite & really needs all of our prayers and pawsitive energy.

Also Paco is having trouble recovering from a bad injury. It keeps getting infected. Please go send him some love, too.

There’s Only So Much A Schnauzer Can Take

O.K. we’ve already established that Buster is back & making himself at home on my nest. But today, he crossed the line.

Here’s a shot of his perfectly good food and water dishes. Notice how he has lots of food that I’m not allowed to eat.

Well, he decided to take a sip of my water. I was good with that. Notice the food bowl next to it.

Then this happened!

Look! Look what he did!

Sometimes it’s all too much for a little dog to take. *sigh*

At least my mom person fixed the nest situation by offering Buster a feather pillow.

My mom person says that he is old & we have to leave him alone and be extra nice to him. He won’t even play with me in the yard. It’s gonna be a long week.

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*Sigh* He’s Back, Again

You can read here & here about previous invasions from my grandpawrents dog Buster.

He is nice to visit, but I don’t want to live with him.

I was sitting at the computer helping my dad with the bills, just giving out financial advice.

When my Oskar-sense told me that something was terribly wrong.

Upon further inspection, I discovered the problem!

I guess I can live with it, but I don’t have to like it.


Buster’s Got Heart

Before Buster came to invade my territory visit, my grandpawrents took him to be groomed.

My mom person noticed something that she’s never seen before. Buster has a heart marking!

Do you see it?

In all 12 of his years we’ve never noticed it. Maybe he’s not so bad after all. As long as he stays out of my nest & my food!


He’s Back

My grandpawrents went out of town & BUSTER came back. Click here for the first installment from when he was here last time.

Say hi to Buster.

You can see he’s already moving in on my dad person. I’m giving him a rasberry!

Here he’s trying to take over my boy Jack.

He’s even on Jacks bed.

Now he has gone TOO far.


This has gone waaaay too far!

I had a little talk with him outside.

We have reached a tentative agreement…for now.



Camera Critters

OK, I’ve got the cats to get over their little hissy fit, but honestly I’m not thrilled with this situation either.

The problem? Buster.


Buster belongs to my boys grandma & grandpa. Now I love going to see my g’ma & g’pa, whom we call Monnie & Bucka. I go to their house & Monnie spoils me. Bucka seems gruff, but he’s really soft on the inside.

The relationship with Buster should be like this: I go to his house, play with his toys, eat his food, get love from his people & then go home.

Buster is confused because he is now at my house playing with my toys, eating my food & getting love from my people!


Here’s a bowl of food, at my house, that I’m not supposed to eat, cause it’s Busters.


*sigh* I hope my Monnie & Bucka come back soon!