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More Chipmunk Chasing

While we were camping I was sitting with my dad person, minding my own business, when one of those little tree rats ran right through out capmsite!

I took off immediatly in hot pursuit!

Then guess what happened??  I got to the end of my leash & couldn’t go any further!

And this is me giving my people raspberries, because I couldn’t actually get to any chipmunks.

You people are so mean!


Camping & Chipmunks

On my camping adventure I spent a lot of time looking for those little tree-rats, chipmunks.

Did you see that?

Here’s a view of our campsite.

Is that more chipmunks?  This is fertile hunting ground!

What do you mean I can’t chase every chipmunk?

I laugh at your ideas!

Is that a chipmunk?