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No Squirrel Is Coming In My Yard!

Here I am, sound asleep, when my Oskie senses start tingling!

I knew it!  A big fat squirrel trying to infiltrate my territory!


I sprang into action after him, telling him that this was my yard.

He ran up that tree pretty fast & yelled at me the whole time. 

From now on I’ll have to keep a closer watch.

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Multi-tasking With My Dad Person

When we got up this morining, I tried to get my dad person to help me blog, but you can see by his sleepy eyes that he was not up for it.

So I agreed to help him read the paper (sometimes he gets stuck on the big words).

From this perch I can still watch my back yard for Devil squirrels.

I’ve already chased off two of them!

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it involves family & fun.

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Oskar & The Devil Squirrel

Camera Critters

*Oskar’s note: My mom person wouldn’t make me a new post for today’s Camera Critters on account of she almost ate a spider that was in her breakfast, & now she feels “pukey”. Mom, I said, spiders are yummy. A little crunch on the outside with a soft creamy center. Then she made me go outside. I will never figure these people out!*

One rainy, muddy backyard


+ one devil squirrel


= one filthy tub


& one wet, disgruntled schnauzer!


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