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Meet My Friends Marley & Henry!

I recently met a new friend named Marley with a really interesting story to tell!

“I’m a black and tan standard dachshund. I’m Chinese. My Lady is American and we live in north India. How’s that for multicultural? I’m adopted. My first family left China when I was almost three and never came back. Only Dad returned after six months to sell the furniture and find me a home. Dad heard about Lady and asked her if she were interested in adopting me. Little did he know Lady had already asked God for a little black and tan wienie dog! We’ve been together for almost eight years now. I’ll be eleven in May. I blog about my adventures, and life in Asia. I often compare India and China. My first language is Chinese, then English, Korean, Kannada, and Hindi, but I only speak Dogese. I don’t have a very large readership yet. Lady helps me write as my nails get stuck on the keyboard.”

Stop by Marley’s World & give him a big Blogville hello!

And that adorable pup above?  That’s Henry & he is Pet Blogs United’s Featured Blogger this week.  He’s got 4 followers & I bet we could make that a higher number, right?  Stop by PBU to hear Henry’s story.  Today’s his second birthday!

Stop by & make some new friends today 🙂  Tell ’em Oskar sent ya!