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Hummy Birds, Hmph!

My mom person has some new fascination. It’s a bird called a hummy bird. I am not impressed.

I don’t hear them doing one single bit of humming.

This is the hummy bird feeder. It sits right outside of my mom person’s computer desk.


My mom person makes special sugar food for the hummy bird. Then the hummy birds come and drink the food.


Now we’ve already established that the hummy birds don’t hum, so what’s the big deal you ask?


Well it seems that the amazing hummy bird eats while holding still. Yeah, big whip, it eats while it stands still.

I eat while I stand still every day. Even the cats have the ability to stand still while they eat.

But the non-humming hummy birds, yeah they get special sugar food & everybody ooh’s & ahh’s because they can eat standing still.

I’m pretty sure if that’s grounds for rewards & fussing, then I should be at the top of that list, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Hmph!


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