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I’m One Lucky Dog!

So you may have heard that yesterday was my birthday.  I had to wait for my dad person to come home before I could have my presents.  This is how I felt about that.

Then the UPS man came with a package addressed to ME!  OMG, it from my blogging buddies JD & Max & their wonderful female human, Clare.

Once he got home we broke into my loot from my friends.  Holy cow look at all of this stuff!

The first thing that caught my eye was the yellow ball that makes cool noises.  It’s made out of hard plastic so that my jaws of steel can’t destroy it.  I had to take it into the yard immediately!

Next I had to try out one of the BBQ squirrels they sent.  BBQ squirrels, it’s like a dream come true!

Next I had to try the birthday cupcake squeaky toy.

It’s pawsome just like everything else they sent.  Thank you so very much JD, Max & Clare!

Now onto the presents from my people.  First I opened the squeaky warthog.

Then I got some foam to go into my kong, some Buddy Berries to go in my Squirrel Dude & some Greenies.  Are you even keeping up with all of this loot?

I spent the evening going back and forth trying to chew on my cupcake and warthog at the same time.

I’ve got to tell you that 6 was my best birthday ever.  So many of my friends came by to give me birthday wishes & that made everything perfect, so thanks to you all.

JD & Max Are Having A Commentathon In Honor of Richie!

Some of our best blogging buddies, JD & Max are having a commentathon to raise money for the Crossed Paws organization in honor of dear Richie crossing the bridge.

They have written a beautiful post and hope to get up to 200 comments on that post to raise £200.00 for Crossed Paws.

What are you waiting for?

Pop on over to JD & Max’s place and leave a comment before you forget!

JD & Max Rock!

Two of my bestest bloggy buddies are JD & Max.  Schnauzer brothers that live in the UK.

They are currently hosting an auction for Blueberry to pay for her medical treatment and have held 2 auctions to help Shelby!


On top of being super busy with all of that, their female human, Clare sent me a Christmas present!

I can smell them!

Hey, that has a doggie on it!

Wowie, it’s a special kind of calender that you put treats into!  And look at these!

I’m not waiting for Christmas to try these out!  What’s that?

For the cats…I’ll share with them, I guess cause JD & Max are so generous.  I want a treat now!

Oh yes, the card, very nice.  I’d like a treat.

Now please!

I’m sitting nicely…

Oh nom nom nom, these are delicious.  They have excellent taste.

I’ve always heard that the English are very refined, nom nom.

Chloe refuses to eat for the camera, even though she & Moe were very happy with the duck treats!

My mom person says our floor isn’t that dirty, it’s just really old tile.  Yeah, whatever, show my cool calender!

Now we get to fill it with treats!

Thank you so much JD, Max & Clare.  You guys rock!

Don’t forget to stop by Blueberry’s Auction, you can get something nice for your person for the holidays & help Blueberry at the same time!

My Beautiful New Food Bowl

My mom person was very surprised yesterday when a big box arrived at our door.  It was from an address we didn’t recognize.  Quite puzzling…

We were shocked to see this note telling us this was from the wonder JD, Max & their female human, Clare.  We are running out of adjectives to describe how generous and wonderful they are.

Well I needed to know what is in there, they always send such great stuff!

This is what we found once we got all the paper stuff out…and then there was this!

This amazing new food dish for me.  The detail is so pretty.  Flowers, a dragonfly & a lovely fairy.  I was thrilled with my new dish.

It’s a perfect size, umm, you can fill it now.

What?  Oh yeah, there’s something else in the box.  I’ll check that out too, then you can fill my bowl.  A most large and beautiful candle!

Oh, it smells wonderful!

Hmm, yes, the candle does fit in my new food bowl nicely. Will you PLEASE fill my food bowl with some food?  A rare steak would do nicely with this calibur of bowl.

This is not right!

I don’t know what she’s thinking!

* Oskar’s mom person here.  I need to mention that this beautiful candle set was donated to Shelby’s Auction, by the Slimmer Pugs.  Thank you so much.  And to Clare, again, thank you for such a beautiful gift.  It’s exactly what I wanted from the auction.


So Many $$$ For Shelby & My Silly Dad Person

First of all I want to thank JD, Max & their female human Clare for all their hard work on behalf of Shelby.

They & everyone who donated raised an amazing $1,215.00!  I couldn’t be prouder of them!

A long time ago they sent us an amazing care package and we just had to show you the apron they sent.  My dad person wears it all the time. 

Here he is pretending to chop up a red & green pepper.

Here’s a close-up of what it says.

You can see that it’s dirty cause he uses it whenever he cooks.  He says he’s sorry for the silly outfit, he didn’t know my mom person would demand a picture.  Now he knows how I feel!

2 Packages in One Day!

Well the other day I started to post about my 2 presents that came in one day! It was so very exciting!

First off we opened this package from the beautiful Sally Ann my mom person told me after looking at the package.


My oldest boy John helped me get it open.


He got a tattoo while I was camping with my people. Mom says John thinks he is from the 70’s!


The note is from Sally Ann (swoon).


I got this really cool non-stuffed stuffie!


Ooh, I’m sure I can smell Sally Ann on it!

Then the second package was from JD & Max, all the way from England. It’s across a bit pond you know!


First I saw newspapers.


I’m not really a big reader. JD & Max’s mom person, Clare sent some newspapers cause my mom person got something from the UK that was wrapped in paper that had naked ladies! My teenage boys thought this was a brilliant way to get teens to read the paper, but my mom person disagreed. JD & Max sensored the “naughty bits” on this paper, but you can see why it was a little startling.


Then I discovered Mr. Rattlesnake!


Mr. Rattlesnake has already been taken away from me since I decided to do surgery on him & got out some of his stuffins!


Ooh, look at these little flags! They turned out to be very tasty little treats.


I immediately grabbed one to take outside. I do enjoy a good picnic.




They also sent this really cool personal fan. When you turn it on the words “Hello Oskar” shows up in the blades somehow. We couldn’t get a picture of that, so you’ll have to take my word for it!


Oh my mom person wanted me to mention that Clare also sent a newspaper without naked women, so that we could see the different types of newspapers they had in England. My boys were not interested in reading that one!

So thank you so much Sally Ann, JD, Max & Clare. Getting pressies is the best surprise ever!


The Buster Blues

He’s back. Again. It’s not enough that Buster’s back, look where he’s laying!!!


Here’s a closer look.


He’s on my pillow from my buddies JD & Max! There I am being good, nobly lying by and allowing him to be on my pillow, while I’m over here. I may be pouting a little…I wouldn’t look at my mom person & her stoopid flashy box.


But guess what? Buster went home today & I got an extra special treat for being so good.

Frosty Paws!


Delicious doggie ice cream. I waited very patiently for my treat.


Then, yummmmm


I guess it’s not so bad when he comes, as long as there are special treats for me after!

** Please go send Digby some prayers if your haven’t already. He is having a very bad struggle against a tick bite & really needs all of our prayers and pawsitive energy.

Also Paco is having trouble recovering from a bad injury. It keeps getting infected. Please go send him some love, too.

The Search For JD & Max!

Two of my very best friends are JD & Max, the fantastic schnauzer brothers from the U.K. Since we’ve met, I’ve been told that JD & Max live “on the other side of the pond”, so visits were not possible.

Well my mom person & I went camping later this week & guess what I found?

It’s the pond!! Finally I’ve found it. I can find my friends & we can eat tea & crumpets & discuss Camilla’s latest hats!


JD & Max live on the other side of the pond. We’re on this side & all we have to do is get to the other side.

Come on, woman, me lads are waitin’!


OK, I’m on this side of the pond, now to find our way to the other side…


Let’s head this way.


OK, let’s see where we are.


Hmm, we’ve walked part of the way around, but we’re still on this side. I can see the other side.


Let’s see if I can smell JD & Max while I work my way around to the other side.


Oh man! This doesn’t make sense. We’re back to where we started, but I was never able to get to the other side. Everywhere I go I’m still on this side!


Oh bother.