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Dear Kitties,

Dear all of the kitties in the world,

It’s me Oskar.

My new friend Mariodacat from Mario’s Meowsings saw a comment I left and thinks I might not like kitties.  Well I do.  Many of my very best friends are kitties.  I only don’t like 2 kitties.

Those are the 2 kitties that live here, Chloe & Moe.  They eat my food, they rub their heads on my stuff, and sometimes…when I walk past them…they smack me in the woozle for no reason!  (In case all of the kitties in the world don’t know “woozle” is the technical term for my nose & beard.)

Friends like Bruce & Luna will tell you that I’m a great friend to cats.  Just not ones that hit me in the woozle…or the big jungle kind that can eat me…but I don’t think the jungle kinds have computers, so I guess we’re all set.

Have a good night all of the kitties in the world,