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Kitty Caturday

So my mom person was lucky enough to work with Pet Dreams and get me a super high quality dog bed.  She reviewed it on Pet Blogs United if you’re interested in checking it out.

Well my dog bed only has one problem…Chloe!

I don’t know if she thinks she’s a dog or what, but she is getting awfully cozy in my dog bed.


Would someone please tell Chloe that she isn’t a dog!

Kitty Caturday

Since it’s the time when my mom person forces me to share time for Kitty Caturday, here are some delightful pictures of Chloe playing.

You’d think she’d have a little more discretion so we didn’t have to cover her with stars, but she’s shameless.

She’s all hopped up on the nip and obvioulsy showing no sense of decorum.

This concludes out Kitty Caturday post.