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Surrounded By Love

As the news about Miss Judi weighs heavy on our minds, we are evermore thankful to be part of this community, even when it breaks our hearts.

Here in my little corner of the world, I am surrounded by love, even when I am alone.

The pillow says “Around here the Miniature Schnauzer is in charge,” and it’s from my brothers from another mother, JD & Max.

The quilt you see on the back of the couch was made by my monnie (my mom person’s mom).  It was made from all the materials that used to cover tables at my people’s wedding. 

The red bit on top of the blue afghan is a placemat with my face on it made by Miss Agnes.

The blue afghan was made by my mom person’s grandmother for her in 1982.  She was an amazing woman & knit the afghan without a pattern.

The quilt at the bottom of the pile is another on made by my monnie.  It’s made from scraps, including scraps from clothing that her mother wore before she passed last year.  That was my mom person’s other grandmother.

So you see even when my mom person & I are here alone, we are surrounded by love.

 We pray that Miss Judi is always surrounded by love too.


Where I’ll Be For The Rest Of The Weekend

I love when my Christmas quilt comes out.  It’s the snuggliest one ever and it’s huge enough to warm us all.  It was made with love by my mom person’s mother, Monnie, & quilted by her grandmother, aunts & cousins.

If you need me this winter, you’ll know where to find me.  Now I just need to smuggle Blue in to cuddle with me.


Our Christmas Quilt

A lot of you commented on my cozy quilt picture from yesterday & I wanted to share some more about it with you cause it’s the bestest quilt in the world!

My Monnie, which is what we call my human grandma, made it all by hand and my mom person’s family all helped tie the quilt.  It’s huge so we can all snuggle together & it’s really gorgeous!

There’s also a hand made matching tree skirt and garland.  (Notice how with this quilt I’m kindly sharing my personal space heater with Moe?)

I hope you have some special holiday things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! 


Oh, The Shame!

Well yesterday my Monnie (grandma person) got me something. Notice how there is no “oh boy, pressies” tone to this post.

I’m sharing my shame so that hopefully you can keep this from happening to you.


Yes, my monnie, who I thought loved me, got me a Snuggie.


It is spring time here, almost summer. It is not cold, nor do I need to keep my paws free as these dogs below me seem to need. You see unlike these dogs I don’t spend a lot of time playing backgammon & I’m not allowed to be in charge of the remote.


If you see a Snuggie heading your way & your not feeling under the weather or terribly cold, take my advice & leave!


Ugh, maybe there’s a hippity (frog) outside somewhere I can lick!


Spring Has Sprung!

Whew, yesterday was a super fun day. I got to go to Monnie & Bucka’s (grandpawrents) house to celebrate my boy John’s 18th birthday. For once in her crazy life my mom person forgot her camera.

I got to have some ham, some lemon cake & even a little vanilla ice cream! I’m not supposed to have people food, but Monnie always breaks the rules.

Here’s an old picture of Monnie & Bucka.

As if that wasn’t enough, when I got home John & his girlfriend Leighanne played with me in the back yard! My mom person did get a video of that.

After so much fun I was one tired pup!

* Oskar’s mom person here. I just want to thank all of you for all your well wishes. Reading all of your blogs always puts a smile on my face & makes me feel better. xoxo


Please Pause For Prayers

I’m sorry we haven’t been around lately, we got some bad news. My mom person’s mom, who we call Monnie, has a sickness called breast cancer.

She will be having an operation called a mastectomy on 12/15. The good news is that after her operation, she should not have to have any chemo or radiation.

My people are all upset and scared, especially my mom person. We know how strong our blogging community is and would like to ask all of our friends around the world to pray and send good wishes for Monnie.

Hopefully we’ll be back to more regular blogging soon.


I Went To Monnie’s House

I was resting nicely on my security pillow…

And them my mom person started messing with my stuff.

My leash & harness, my security pillow & some dog food packed up. (I was hoping that Chi-Chi’s container had some real Mexican food, but no luck!)

Now here I am, without my pillow. I’m working very hard to look pitiful to let my people know that I wasn’t really cool with what was going on.

We all got into the car, & I was whining. Then we turned onto my Monnie & Bucka’s street. I know when I’m at their street so this is how I looked. (Monnie & Bucka are the names that my boy John gave to his my mom person’s parents, & it just stuck.)

Here’s a picture of Monnie & Bucka.

I don’t have any pictures from the rest of the weekned, cause I was busy doing zoomies, going for walks, being spoiled & getting people food that I’m not supposed to have.


No Time For Oskar

My mom person has been busy doing important things so little old me & my blog have been neglected. I’m not talking to her.


She can try to get my attention,


but I give her a dose of my icy stare.


My people have to do VACATION soon, so I get to stay with Monnie (grandma person). Monnie doesn’t know how to compute on the computer, so my little blog will be even more neglected. I will get lots of great love from Monnie though. I even get people food when I’m there, even though I’m not supposed to. Grandma people rock!