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More Fun With Blue Ball!

When I’m playing with my blue ball, or to use his proper name, Blue, I really like him to get a feel for things so I put him in the dirt as much as possible.

Wait I know a great spot!

I can dig a great new hole over here.  My mom person likes it so much when I help with the landscaping like this she yells and waves her arms with joy!

I put Blue in the hole for maximum dirt-spit mixing, of course.  Perfect!

Needs more spit.

Okay, I’m ready chase me now.

Ooh here’s my propeller too.  I guess I better start the process all over again!


Gertting A Little Dirty

Once I get my mom person out to play with my blue ball, I have to roll it in several dirty holes that I’ve dug for just such an occasion.

Sometimes holes change over time & digging a new one (or two) is necessary.

When I dig a new hole it always excites my people.  They call out my name and wave their arms like they are dancing!


Hmmm, I wonder where I should dig next?


Hey Mom…

Hey mom, do you want to go outside?


Really!  You will?

All right, let me choose a toy.

It’s another blue ball day!


First I’ll squeak it…

Then I’ll fly with it!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m glad she listened to me 🙂