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I’m Not Spoiled!

My mom person decided to organize the treat cupboard this morning.  She laid them all out on the couch & informed me that I was spoiled!

I thought I’d better go over to take inventory.

Hmm, these smell tasty! 

How do I get her to give me one of each??

I know, “Cheeeese”, I’ll give her a good flashy box photo & then I’ll be rewarded with all of my yummy goodness!

Well I didn’t get to try one of each, even though I suggested a whole bowl of treats instead of my Nature’s Variety food for breakfast, but I did get a peanut butter heart & a Dentastix, so I guess I made out pretty good!

I hope you all get a special treat today!


Nature’s Variety Free Sample Coupon

As you may know Oskar & I recently went on a search for the best quality dog food for Oskar.  I’m glad to tell you that we found what we believe to be the best possible food for him, Natures Variety.

After trying out many samples from manufacturers of high quality dog foods Oskar made his choice clear!  We’ve even accepted a sponsorship from Nature’s Variety to attend Blog Paws!

Nature’s Variety want’s you to see what all of the talk is about by letting you try a free Trial size bag (.75 lb) bag of either Instinct Raw Chicken or Instinct Raw Beef Medallions, with a $5 in-store purchase.  If you’ve ever thought about raw food for your pet, here’s a great opportunity to try Nature’s Variety raw for FREE!

Click here for the coupon.

Go to the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw product page to find out more about this fantastic product, and stay tuned to Pet Blogs United for more great information on Nature’s Variety!