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Paw It Forward ~ Pressies From Mango!

I was lucky enough to recieve a Paw It Foward package from the relentlessly huge and hugely loveable Mango.

I got some fantabulous loot, take a look.

Cool Mango even has his own return address labels.

I believe this says O-S-K-A-R!

It smells of hugeness.

Let me read it! The outside says “Relentlessly Huge Greetings”

Hmm, an orange octopus.

He makes a very large noise! I’m barking back.

Ooh, this thing with long eyelashes looks cool.

& it has 16 separate squeakers!

Ooh, treats too!

Must take this outside!

Success! I have foiled my mom person and snuggled the stuffie toy outside!

Here you can see all of the cool squeakers. Did I metion that it has 16!

What? Treats, oh yeah!

I’d better check these out.

Yum, salmon & potato, high cuisine!

Is that an antler? It is, a deer antler to chew on. The package says “No deer were harmed, bullied or even teased during the making of these treats.” Mango even sends funny treats!

Please, may I try the antler?

I better get to work on this right away.

No you can’t have it back!

The next day I got brave and played with my sturdy orange loud squeaky octopus.

This thing is tough. I usually tear through toys, and all I could accomplish with this was to eat of 7 of the 8 little legs.

The octopus is my favorite new toy. I can play with it inside and outside and I haven’t been able to kill him. His very loud squeak was scary at first, but now I love it.

Mango Man I owe you and your mom person (and maybe even the Labradork) a huge thank you for these awesome presents. Your huge heart rules.

Now it’s my turn. I get to Paw It Forward to 3 other friends. If you want to play leave me a comment telling me that you want to Paw It Forward and an e-mail address where I can reach you. If I get more than 3 who want play I’ll pick 3 names out of a hat.

If you do want to play, then after you get your package, you send packages out to three friends. Fun huh? Spreading the love, one bloggy friend at a time.