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No, Moe!

I was sitting here this morning minding my own business, when I see what Moe is up to.

Not only is she hogging my personal space heater, she is about to chomp on my Galileo chew toy!

My mom didn’t capture what happened next, but here is me afterwards.

I’ve gotten used to sharing my personal space heater, but don’t touch my Galileo!  Sorry Moe…sort of.


The Kitty Nest

Since the kitties Chloe & Moe loved sleeping in front of my personal space heater on the Christmas tree skirt, my mom person made them a nest from my old crate mat and a fuzzy Harry Potter blanket.

At first they weren’t so sure about it…

But now it’s a fight to see who gets there first, Chloe…

Or Moe.

I sleep on the other side of my personal space heater, right next to my mom person when I’m not snuggled up on the Christmas quilt.  I won’t let them put that away till spring!


The Return Of My Personal Space Heater!

Camera Critters

This is my personal space heater.  It was designed to warm my personal space.  I need it now more than ever since my doofus slow-headed caring people decided to get me a nudie cut on the first day we got snow flakes!

Hello, old friend!

Oh the heat make me drowsy.

Nappy time…you want me to do what??

Share with the kitties!!!

Oh, you’re serious.

Whatever, I’m settling in for a long winter’s nap.

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