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My Beautiful New Food Bowl

My mom person was very surprised yesterday when a big box arrived at our door.  It was from an address we didn’t recognize.  Quite puzzling…

We were shocked to see this note telling us this was from the wonder JD, Max & their female human, Clare.  We are running out of adjectives to describe how generous and wonderful they are.

Well I needed to know what is in there, they always send such great stuff!

This is what we found once we got all the paper stuff out…and then there was this!

This amazing new food dish for me.  The detail is so pretty.  Flowers, a dragonfly & a lovely fairy.  I was thrilled with my new dish.

It’s a perfect size, umm, you can fill it now.

What?  Oh yeah, there’s something else in the box.  I’ll check that out too, then you can fill my bowl.  A most large and beautiful candle!

Oh, it smells wonderful!

Hmm, yes, the candle does fit in my new food bowl nicely. Will you PLEASE fill my food bowl with some food?  A rare steak would do nicely with this calibur of bowl.

This is not right!

I don’t know what she’s thinking!

* Oskar’s mom person here.  I need to mention that this beautiful candle set was donated to Shelby’s Auction, by the Slimmer Pugs.  Thank you so much.  And to Clare, again, thank you for such a beautiful gift.  It’s exactly what I wanted from the auction.


Don’t Forget Shelby’s Auction!

Two of my best friends, JD & Max & their female human, Clare are hosting a wonderful auction to help Shelby

♥Abandoned, left to die in a parking lot, dear Shelby was touched by an angel♥

You can visit Shelby’s auction page to donate directly or bid on wonderful items that have been donated by lots of different people.  Please do what you can, any little bit helps, and drop by to see JD & Max to tell them what a great job they’re doing.


All For Shelby

Some of my very favorite friends, JD, Max and their female human Clare are oragnizing an auction to help Shelby recover from some terrible injuries. You can help in many ways, so click on over to check it out!