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Dear Bella,

Beautiful Bella

I wrote a post about how I fancied a special girl yesterday, and Bella, you are the apple of my eye.

I would like to ask you sincerely if you would honor me with a date.  I assure you that I am a perfect gentleman and I will show you a very fun time.

I know you live in Australia, and I live in the US, but with the power of the interwebs I could transport you here for an evening of fun.

I’m sure your people and your sisters have to approve, but I hope you’ve all known me long enough to know that my intentions are good.

Bella, you have captured my heart with your beautiful face, your lovely demeanor, and your ability to hide toys that take forever to find, so will you do me the honor of going out on a date with me?

My heart is on my sleeve,

***She said yes!  Here’s her comment:

Oh yes, Oskar!!! I’d love to… honoured and all of that…

Ooooooo, must get my hair done…

XXXOOO Bella (and the other two)

Now I have to show her the best time ever!

So There’s This Girl…

A beautiful girl doggie has stolen my heart & I’d like to ask her on a date.  She lives far, far away, but I know that with the power of the interwebs we could have a wonderful day or evening together.

I’ve never heard her mention a boyfriend…

What if I ask and she says no?!  I’d be humiliated in front of all of Blogville!

I feel happy & sick all at the same time, is that normal?

Could she possibly resist this pitiful, yet excessively handsome face?

Guys, how do you do it? How do you get up the nerves to ask out a pretty girl doggie?