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My Red Boots

First we have to thank you for the outpouring of love & support for my mom person.  Sometimes she thinks that if it weren’t for blog friends she would have totally lost it years ago.  The honest truth is that without her medications for bi-polar, life is really hard for her right now, but her shrink wrote her an actual prescription to blog every day, so hopefully we’ll be around to see you all soon.

Now back to ME!  In case you didn’t know, I have red boots.  They go on during mud season so I get less mud between my toesies.  No I prefer to have the mud, but since it leads to baths I deal with the boots.

I’ve actually decided that I look quite dapper in my boots.

They contrast nicely with my furs & my favorite toy, Blue.

They are disposable, and are like little balloons for my feet, so they don’t absorb the dirt from outside.

I fight when they have to go on, but secretly that’s just so my people don’t get the idea that they are in charge!

Off I go!