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Leaf? What Leaf?

What do you mean there’s a leaf on my woozle?

You can’t fool me, I’m a very astute dog who keeps his woozle meticulous at all times!

Obviously I would know if there was a leaf hangning from my face.

You can try, but you can’t trick me!


Woozle-less Wednesday

This is a sad Oskar face…

Why so sad?  I went to the groomer yesterday & they cut my woozle off!

There should be more beard (woozle) underneath my chin, but it’s gone!

They trimmed it all off & now my face looks nakie!  I hope Bella doesn’t see me like this.  What girl could love a woozle-less wonder on a supposed-to-be bearded doggie?


What’s In A Woozle

The term woozle is one I made up a technical term for a schnauzer beard.  Any dog with a good beard can use the term woozle.  My girlfriend Bella’s woozle always looks perfect. *sigh*

People often take pleasure in photographing the dreaded “sleep-woozle.”

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Post Traumatic Woozle Trauma

Camera Critters
Friends, I can barely hold my head up. My once magnificent woozle has now been chopped to bits. Woozle is the ‘official’ name for a schnauzer beard.
My mom person keeps calling me the chinless wonder. She spent a long time on the phone yesterday with the groomer saying angry words at them. I’m glad she stood up to them, I loved my woozle. Now I am left with but half a woozle.
I fear that the lovely ladies Sally Ann and Sasha will no longer find me exceedingly handsome, but instead a hideous creature with a mis-shapen woozle.
Woe is me.
I will be spending my day hiding from mirrors, resting from the shock and trying really hard to squeeze my woozle to grow.
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My Woozle!

Camera Critters

My mom person (who I’m not talking to right now) took me to the groomer today. *shudder*

I don’t like it there.

This how I used to look…


My schnauzer cut had grown out, but my woozle (beard), which schnauzers are known for, was fabulous.

Then the groomer. *shudder*


Mom, don’t take my picture!




All right, fine! Here’s a shot of my woozle butchering. It’s hard to see, but a big chunk has been removed at the middle of my nose. My mom person is mad because obviously this was a mistake & no one told her.


They just cut all of my hair off & half of my woozle. My mom person says it will grow back.

P.S. Thanks for all your comments about the hippities. I don’t try to eat them, but I try to pick them up with my mouth, I just want to play. Every time I pick one up I foam at the mouth & usually throw up. I keep looking for the hippity who will be my friend & not make me spit up.

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Schnauzers are known for their woozles. Woozle is a technical term for our beard. (This is not to be confused with Heffalumps & Woozles from Winnie the Pooh.)


One of my boys, John, is trying to grow a woozle…I try to be encouraging, but it’s not really up to par.


Maybe if I give him a clear image of what a woozle is meant to look like, he can do better.


He can only hope.