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More Fun With Blue Ball!

When I’m playing with my blue ball, or to use his proper name, Blue, I really like him to get a feel for things so I put him in the dirt as much as possible.

Wait I know a great spot!

I can dig a great new hole over here.  My mom person likes it so much when I help with the landscaping like this she yells and waves her arms with joy!

I put Blue in the hole for maximum dirt-spit mixing, of course.  Perfect!

Needs more spit.

Okay, I’m ready chase me now.

Ooh here’s my propeller too.  I guess I better start the process all over again!


Looking For Bella

As you may know I’ve asked Bella on a date & she has accepted!  My mom person is bad with directions, but she told me that Bella lives with her family “Down Under.”

Well that should be easy enough, I’m an excellent digger, so I decided to take matters into my own paws.

Hmm, maybe just a little further.


What do you mean I can’t find her this way?  Sigh!

I’ll have to find another way to get my Beautiful Bella for our date!

Pee-Ess – We are going to be working on a cookbook, so have your people get some recipes together!  We have to work out a few behind the scenes details, so we will let you know when we’re ready for your help.



Real men, like my dad person & me don’t let a bunch of snow stand in the way of grilling!

I’ll let him grab the charcoal, while I get my octopus.  Octopus is an excellent helper.

All right, let’s do this thing!!

BBQ chicken wings for everybody!  What do you mean no wings for me??


Leaf Distribution Expert

One of the services I provide for my family is leaf distribution expert.  It’s all part of my comprehensive landscaping package.

Watch any of those human decorating shows and you’ll hear them talking about bringing “the outside in”.  I am all over that.

Hmm, I think leaves on both paws will be a better look.  Plus it will make it easier to spread them around.

Notice the lovely contrast here.

And here I showcase how to make your meals a little more festive!

Watch my blog for more leaf distributions tips.  Also watch for our future series, Decorating with Mud & Snow.

A New Yard Project!

My dad person decided that he would like to have an old fashioned clothes line in the back yard. This required hole digging, so you know who needed to supervise, Oskar to the rescue!

First he went to the shed to get out a shovel. Are you kidding me, why would someone use a shovel to dig a hole, when you have me? Hmph.

I checked out the shovel-dug hole, but really think that it could have been better accomplished with his paws.


The first part of the post is in, but I really think it should be a little more to the left.


Obviously my full attention is required here…hey, is that my tennis ball?


You’re on your own dude!



From where I’m standing, it looks like I did an excellent job!


And what were the cats doing, while I supervised this challenging project?


Thanks for nothing kitties!
(Can you guys see these pictures normally? On my monitor they are super giant Mad Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos)


Camera Critters!

Camera Critters
Hi Friends! Missing Oskar here! We’ve had more computer troubles. Who’s in charge of these things? Aren’t they supposed to make our lives easier?
Anyway, this is a party weekend here at Casa De Oskar cause it’s my dad person’s birthday!!! He’s 41 which seems old to me, but my mom person is almost 43 so we’re not allowed to say that 41 is old. Am I the only one who doesn’t “get” people?
Here’s me and my dad person.
Of course Chloe saw the camera come out & decided she should be included too, hmph!
For his birthday my dad person got 3 flowering trees. My oldest boy John works at a garden center so he arranged very nice trees and even planted 2 of them. The 2 he planted were in the front yard, so I was not allowed to go out & supervise! Who in the house knows more about digging holes than me, ya know? Anyway you can see one of the trees & John & his girlfriend Leighanne.
After my dad person got home yesterday & saw the 2 new trees that John planted he went into the back yard & saw the third tree that hasn’t been planted yet. Look how huge it is, it’s way taller than our motorhome!
Look how huge around the bucket is. My dad person has to dig a hole that deep & twice as big around!!
He started on digging the hole last night. Finally I can supervise! Wait up!
Okay, my dad person wants the grass clumps in one pile and the plain dirt in another pile. I’m not really feelin’ that method. You can see that I’ve spread out grass clumps over a larger area. It’s really more effective this way.
Some of the grass clumps are tricky and and must be wrestled into submission.

Whew. Wait…what are you doing??
After all of that work I did, they filled it in! I guess my dad person hit something called roots & has to dig a new hole. I tried to tell them that once you get a hole dug, you don’t fill it in, you just move onto the next hole, but no one listens to little old Oskar *sigh*.
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If some of these pictures are showing up gigantic, we apologize. We re-sized them all, but some are showing up HUGE on our monitor.


Pet Pride

Last weekend I helped my dad person clean up the yard for fall. If you missed it you can check it out here.

Well some of the landscaping was just done WRONG! Several of my nicely tended holes that I have worked on all spring and summer were filled in! I brought my tennis ball with me to help fix things here.

This needs to be just right.

Dirt way flying at lightning speed!

Hmm, this looks like a fine spot for a new hole!

This one is under the shed. Chipmunks live here & I know that one day I will dig deep enough to get them!

Notice how my people put bricks where I like to dig to try and deter me? Nothing stops an Oskar from doing his yardwork!

Feeling quite proud of myself, my tennis ball & I decide to relax for a minute.

Now I’m back in my corner, surveying the property. Doesn’t it looks great with all that dirt under me instead of just grass?

Everyone can do grass in their yard, but my people have me to highlight their landscape with beautiful holes. They often get so exicted they shout at me while I’m fixing things for them.

I’m very proud of my work, so I decided I would showcase if for you in this weeks Pet Pride. Click for more Pet Pride.


Pet Pride

Finally we had a nice fall day here in Michigan, so I took my dad person for a walk, before we did our yard work.

Put down that darn flashy box woman, I’m trying to have some walkies!

I’m telling my dad person what needs to be trimmed.

I think you missed a spot.

What’s that?

My ball! Hey, let’s play some chase!

Hmph, I guess I have him trained well to do his work, no chase. I’d better go back and supervise.

That bag looks big enough. I hope he didn’t want me to put the stuff in the bag. I’m here in a strictly supervisory capacity.

Uh-oh, this pot is broken, you’d better get on that.

Look here’s my ball again! No, not the lawn mower.

I can’t supervise properly in here. I hope he’s mowing properly. Hmm, I wonder why that window is so dirty?

He we are enjoying the fruits of our labor. A nice neat back yard.

I’m exhausted. It’s time for a nap!

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I’m glad I got all of my yard work done.

This is my first Pet Pride post. Check out the fun here.

PS – if you haven’t checked out my newest recipe, check out the post below. They are some yummy cookies!


Spring Means More Yardwork!

I spent a lot of time this weekend supervising my dad person while he was doing yard work. He’s clipping the weeds.


I think he’s doing it pretty well, what should I work on?


I better catch up on my hole digging. Someone has been messing up my holes. What looked like this just this morning…


Now looks like this!


I found the perfect place for my next hole. What do you think?


My work here is done. Time to play, right?