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He’s Not Here, He’s There!

My oldest boy, John David, moved to another place.  A place that isn’t here. My boys live here, that’s how it’s supposed to work.


But John isn’t following the rules and now he lives there instead of living here.

There is an hour away from here.  Let me remind you that here is where my boys are supposed to be. Here with me, Oskar.

Now that John lives there this happened.

charlotteThis is called Charlotte and lives with my boy there.

This is my boy’s leg & that is not me by his leg.


This is how I feel.

melon  collie

My mom person says that my boy John is 21 and this is what happens, but I know that what is supposed to be happening is for John to be living here instead of there, with me instead of that.  My mom person knows that too, because she has been very sad since John left here and went there.

If you need me I’ll be here waiting for my boy to come back from there. *Sigh*