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Pet Blogs United Is Down Again, What’s Up With Our Roses & A Blue Update

Okay, so the squirrels have gotten to Pet Blogs United again…we can’t access through Blogger.  AGAIN!

Please be patient with us.  Hopefully we will be able to move PBU to WordPress soon.

Now for our question of the day.

When my peeps bought this house 18 years ago, they planted peach colored roses in front.  This one is sad, but they were all this color.

DSC_0009But most of the roses are now scarlet.


DSC_0012Does anyone know why they would change colors after 18 years?

In good news, the new Blue’s my mom person ordered from Walmart online are available to be picked up at the store today!  Something about a pulled muscle & something called a muscle relaxer are keeping her from getting them for me today though.